Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 - Natimuk Fringe Festival and Farmers Market

Last weekend was the bi-annual Natimuk Fringe Festival.
Events happen all weekend
in the lovely little town at the base of The Mount Arapilies
We went out on saturday night to see the production "Highly Strung"
Pheobe Sparkle, was a 14 metre tall puppet, suspended from the Natimuk silo's
On the silo's, images were projected behind Pheobe as she told her story.

You can just make out the silo's in this shot,
Pheobe was illuminated and looked fantastic

We had to have freshy made fairy floss of course
On sunday morning, I ventured to Natimuk again to
The Farmers Market Plus.
There was lovely Art Badges from Tina,
if you are a local, you may have seen my badge,
well, this is where you can get them :)

softies with attitude, also from Tina

Lot's of lovely head pieces from

Tee's at Adelle's site

Adelle is also a local, trading as Skudia Designs
you can find her goodies

And here is lots of lovely bibs from
Leah at Down Lovers Lane another local.
and you can also find her on Facebook

Here's a couple of local boys,
selling sheep manuer, chook wheat and heat bags
their mum made for them.
They are great little businessmen,
they bought a tinnie last year from their little business funds
and this year they are saving for a motor for it.
On Sunday they sold $325 worth - thats a lot of shit to shovel and bag!
If any locals would like some of their goods,
I have their number, I can pass it on to you

And there was lots of colourful music.
It was a great market, great athmosphere and lots of goodies to look at.
Thinking about it now, there was maybe more "other goods/handmade"
than there was produce stalls.
I did not manage to get out there as a stall holder
maybe next time - was nice just to be a customer and have a wander

And, that's Blogtoberfest completed!
It was easier than I thought
31 posts in 31 days - even though a couple of posts were a bit limp :)

See you soon


  1. I went out to the market too. Got the yummiest pear and vanilla jam, I am trying to stop myself from eating it every day because I want to make it last! Love Tina's badges especially, she and her girls are so clever!

  2. Congratulations on making it to the end of blogtober too, it wasn't too bad in the end a bit hard to think of what to blog sometimes. Great to see young children working to get something they want and saving. This will set them up for a great attitude later in life. :)


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