Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - It Just Had To Be Done

Here is my phone, nice and simple, clear silicon protective cover.
No fussy, fancy, expensive, wiz bang designer cover for me.
Now, let's flip it over...

A few scraps and 10 minutes,
and everyone knows it's mine!

Would love to know if you have personalised yours too.

See you tomorrow for



  1. That's awesome !!!
    Can you please tell us how you stuck it to the phone/cover ????

  2. That looks great. So much prettier than some of those expensive ones. I've got a plain one too, no jazz on my phone but I would love to try what you did.

  3. you are brilliant!! looks gorgeous'


  4. That is so cute! I would also love to know how it connects to the back.

    I'm hopeless with phones, ipods etc and always drop & break then before they're ready to renew so when I got my new iphone I bought the most heavy duty cover they had!


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