Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12 - Would'nt it be nice

Would'nt this be a lovely little estate to have,
look at all the neat little rows,
all the yummy home grown produce.
Would you like one?
Have you got one?

I took these shots, quite a long time ago,
I think it is from one of the hubby's gardening mags.

hope you've had a good day



  1. It would be nice, but I think we would need to have your husband keep it all tidy and productive with his green thumbs.

  2. Sure would! My four no-dig beds will have to do for now. I'm sooo excited, I planted some pumpkin seeds from the nicest pumpkin I've EVER eatern and they have germinated! Whoopie. I just hope I end up with something like what I ate :o)
    Enjoy planning your small holding!


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