Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Made This!

This is a quilt I am making for my little 3rd born boy. I pieced it together really quickly, but now it seems to be at a stand still. Last week I sewed together the red spotty backing fabric. Next job is to get the backing, wadding at top all together in a nice smooth manner and start quilting.

I will also show what the girlies at "Stitch & Bitch" have been up to.....
Simone has finally started her bag kit.....
Rachel is still working on this with tiny little beads...... and probably will be same time next year.

And Bron is busy making blanket orders for her shop.

Missing because she now lives way up in the top part in Darwin,
was Mrs. Wood, she did make an apperance via Skype,
but she had no camera at her end - it will be much more fun when
Mr. Wood organises the camera!

All these girlies are very clever, funny and great company.

Another few clever ones were missing on the night, including Jo, wish I could have shown you some of their amazing creations.

Meet me at Mikes is giving away a groovy book. For you chance to pop into the draw head on over and do a show and tell.

Jacqueline :)
Michelle has been wrapping wool around sticks to make socks.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luscious Green Manure

Each winter, Peter and the boys plant a green manure crop in 3 of our 6 vegie beds.
This year it was planted in mid May and the seeds sewn were Wheat, Feed Oats and Beans.

All they do is scatter some seed, cover it with soil and they also place nets over to stop the pesky birds from eating the seed before it germinates.

The green manure crop is not grown to harvest,
but to be returned to the soil
for the nutrients and organic material it provides,
including nitrogen.
Bit like a fertiliser I guess.

The crop is a bit over knee high so, this weekend Peter is hoping to get into the patch to

chop the green manure with his shovel and dig it into the soil.
The green manure will then break down into the soil releasing all it's yummy goodness.

The beds will be ready for the spring planting in about 4 weeks.

Happy digging boys and bye bye green manure!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Creche Day

It's creche day today. All is quiet at my house, the only noise is my new Coldplay CD.
2nd and 3rd born spend Friday's at creche so I can have some breathing space and quiet time.
The best thing about Friday's is the big cuddles I recieve at pickup and hearing about what a great day they had with their wonderful carers and friends. I never thought I would use creche, I am a stay at home mum, but it is benificial for me and for the boys.

So, today I have solved the problem Peter has when he is folding the washing. He can never seem to figure out whose singlet is whose! 1st born now has red stars on his.

2 set's of Star Buntings left for new homes this week

Along with an Amity name garland

And this great Navy Bunting.
I had better be off to do a little housework now, first job is to clear thismornings brekky dishes! I have "Stitch & Bitch" at my house tonight, we are a group of like-minded friends who sew, patchwork, make cards, softies, knit and crochet. We meet about every 2 weeks and take it in turns to host and everyone just brings along a project and chats. It's a great group and provides lots of insiration, support and laughs.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miss Magoo

Miss Magoo is ready to go to her new home. She is for Ava, a special friend from down the road who has recently turned 1.

The pattern is a Melly & Me and was very easy to use,

I purchased the pattern from this lovely shop.

This bunting is ready to go to these creative girls to use on their market stalls.

This garland is going off to a new home in South Australia.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Asked if 1st born would like to have a turn on my machine today. We decided to make a starfish cushion. He was very eager to get to the exiting machine bit.
He carefully cut and pin.
By the way - it's PJ day in our house today :)

He was even keen to have a go at hand stitching.

A proud boy with the finished product!

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