Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hedgehog Recipe

This Hedgehog is always in our fridge or freezer,
it goes in lunch boxes most days.
This recipe was given to me by my friend Simone,
and it's a no fail, perfect Hedgehog (so far anyway, and I've made it a lot)
So I thought I would share
You will need
1 pkt Marie Biscuits (broken up)
1 pkt Marie Biscuits (crushed)
250g Butter
2 heaped tbsp Cocoa
3 Eggs Beaten
1 tspVanilla
3/4 cup Sugar
Crush and breakup the packets of biscuits, place in a mixing bowl.
Melt the butter, and take off the heat.
Mix in the sugar and cocoa, till dissolved.
Add the beaten eggs slowly and whisk in.
Return to the heat, stir and cook until hot.
Take off the heat and add Vanilla.
Pour over the biscuits and mix until all is combined.
Press into a slice container,
I squash mine down with a potato masher to get a nice dense hedgehog.
Place in the fridge to cool and firm up.
Ice with your choice of icing.
I used to make icing, but sometimes it was too soft,
so now I always use the following for icing.
Chocolate Icing
Break up a block of Chocolate, (I use coles brand)
place in a glass jug,
add 2 tsp vegetable oil.
Melt gradually in the microwave,
pour over the cooled, firm Hedgehog,
add sprinkles if you wish.
Store in the fridge or freezer
I always line my container with backing paper
so I can easily lift the slice out to cut.
I used to snip the corners so they sat nice.
But, if you scrunch the baking paper up and
then lay it in the slice container,
its sits down nicely in the corners
Just saying :)
 I always make 2 batches of the Hedgehog at a time,
but, the icing recipe above is enough to cover 2 lots.
Have a great day


  1. Oh, yum. I love hedgehog but haven't had it for ages. Must give your recipe a try - it looks delicious.
    I like to line tins with baking paper too (glad bake - love it). Thanks for the tip about scrunching it up. I'll have to try that next time.

  2. You wouldn't know it, but I have had a little craving for this slice over the past few days. I've never known how to make it and I couldn't find one at Woollies yesterday when I thank you!

  3. Made this and it is the first thing in a long time I have made that the whole family actually liked! AND scrunching up the paper works brilliantly! You are a genius!


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