Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 - Can Someone Help?

I am joining in with Blogtoberfest for the first time.
I am not a frollific blogger, always plan to do 3 posts a week,
never happens though, so, this should be interesting.
Will see how we go.
Firstly though, I have a question, before I start visiting lots of new blogs.
A commenting question that is driving me NUTS,
hopefully someone can answer it for me.

On some blogs, when I write a comment, even though I am signed into Blogger,
I get asked to select a profile.

I choose Name/URL, then sometimes it asked me to do a word verification,
sometimes not.
Sometimes it asks me to select my profile again,
and we just go around in circles!

Then it does put my comment up, but I never have my little pic!
What the bloody hell am I doing wrong?
Is this a Blogger glitch?
Is it a different platform?
Do you have your comments set up to act like this?
It drives me NUTS - because, I want to leave nice comments,
and I want the process to be simple
but, when I see this I just flick to the next blog.
When I leave a comment, I just want to do the word verification and thats it.
I hope my comment section is not like this, please let me know if it is!
Any advice would be much appreciated,
I bet it is something simple that I am doing wrong ;)

Take care and Be Good :)


  1. Hi Jacqueline. I think your problem will be resolved if you use 'Google Account' for your profile. This will allow you to sign in under your blogger user id (Google own Blogger) and then leave a comment with your proper profile. You should get your image coming up then as well. Some blogs are set not to allow the image to show up, which you won't be able to do anything about, but most are ok. Anyway, let me know if that sorts you out. Cheers. Cathy

  2. welcome to the 'fest! I was also having lots of probs, as were a few of us on twitter- someone suggested switching to Goodle Chrome, which is super fats, and a week later haven't had an issue! Just takes a day or so to get used to a slightly diff layout. Maybe try Cathy's idea first, if that works, great!

  3. Try selecting google as Tinniegirl just said. Just a tad too late but hey here's another comment. Enjoy the fest! Cherrie

  4. Ah, Cathy beat me to it! Use your Google profile & everything should be a-ok.

    Happy Blogtoberfest!

  5. Yay for blogtoberfest! Good luck for the month!

  6. Happy Blogtoberfest! I used the Google account as the others have said!

  7. If you use google reader, it also helps to uncheck the 'stay signed in' box when you log in. This is a known google reader error which is driving lots of bloggers crazy. It's a pain to type out a comment and have it disappear!


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