Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pin Cushion Swap

My Pin Cushion arrived on Friday.
I had played along with the swap over
at Foxs Lane, organised by Kate.

Or, maybe I should say Pot Cushion Swap...
I recieved a lovely piece of fabric, some tea,
a beautiful card and the pin cushion tea pot.

How cute is this little tea pot,

My clever swap partner was Dani at
Thanks so much Dani,
it's perfect.

Jacqueline :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vegie Patch & Hand Prints

It's been a while since we did an update on the vegie patch.
Over Easter, the tomato's were removed and
some new planting happened.

We are STILL harvesting zucchini's, capsicums,
we are still harvesting carrots, lettuce, basil, chives
and lots of other herbs.
The first of the sugar snap peas have popped up,
these rarely make it inside,
the boys just graze on them while playing outside.
Beetrooot seedlings have also gone in.

These are some broccoli from seed we have saved last year,
if you look carefully, you can see some cabbage moth
grubs under the leaf - pesky little varmits!
We also planted some broccoli seedlings.

More carrot seeds were planted, we have about a metre
left of carrots, the new planting will not be ready
before these ones are finished though.

Another new addition to the patch is 3rd borns hand print.

When each of the boy's turned 3,
we did a hand print in the paving around the vegie patch.

The third born has been very reluctant,
it's taken 8 months to convince him,
then we had a big NO just as the cement was going off.
We finally convinced him to put his had in.

Now every day we are asked to go and
inspect his hand print with him.

Have a great Friday
Jacqueline :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Diary Cover

I've made something for myself.

A diary cover
Now, I may stay organised,
Or maybe not.

Jacqueline :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dont Look Now Class

Back in March, I had a couple of days in Ballarat
attending classes tutored by clever Kellie from

This was one of my projects.
Still need a lot of practice,
but very happy with my effort,
still needs to be finished though.
And this one is ready to apply the background quilting,
I just love those little ladybirds.

It was a great couple of days
The other girls in the class were lovely
and we all learnt lots about
free motion quilting and raw edge applique,
our machines, even some parenting tips!

Here's the busy girls
Briony, Michelle and Melissa

These are the projects we worked on

And here we all are before we all headed home.
(I'm the 3rd from the right)
Thanks Kellie,
you are a very talented and inspiring lady
I had a great time and learnt heaps!

Jacqueline :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pin Cushion Swap

I decided to play along with Kate's pin cushion swap.
My pin cushion went in the mail on Monday.

This shot is the pin cushion's bottom

I also made this little needle case to pop in the parcel.
Can't wait to recieve my mystery parcel in the mail!

You can check out more of the pin cushions

A big thanks to Kate over at
for organising the swap.
Kate's also has another insiring blog

Jacqueline :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top The Lot In Crystal

The elderly lady that lived on the corner
 had a garage last year.
I rummaged through boxes of old treasures for ages.
One of the boxes I bought home was
old knitting, crochet patterns and magazines,
from the early 70's - mid 80's

I have also been involved in a "retro swap"
organised by Bec over at
so I started hunting through the box 
hoping for some inspiration to stike.
There is so many halarious things in that box.
Thought I would share this one with blog land.

Don't worry fellow swappers,
I have not created one of these to send out.
Not sure if you would call this retro, or just plain ugly.

Jacqueline :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Mummy Milestone!

Thismorning it's just me and them.
Puppy, Winston and Jack.
(the special teddies)

It's my very first naturally occuring
child free time!

It's only for 2 1/2 hours while the
third born is at 3 year old kinder,
second born is now a full time prep,
last term preps did not attend on Wednesdays,
first born is in grade 2.

Not sure what I will do.....
clean, shop, sleep, sew, garden, read,
cook, exercise.....

Probably waste the 2 1/2 hours deciding what to do!

Jacqueline :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Toothpaste Tip

I don't like the icky yucky way the tooth paste tubes get.
I am assuming this happens in most households.

When a tube is empty, I keep the caps, give them a quick
scrub with this little brush and add them to
my toothpaste cap container.
Then, when the toothpaste tubes get in a state,
I can just screw on another clean one on.

Then, they all look like this for a few days at least.

Have a nice Tuesday
Jacqueline :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stash Advice

A wise lady told me a few years ago,
Build your stash now,
Buy your books/patterns now,
While your little ones are young.

You won't have a lot of time to create while they are little
but, they don't cost you a lot while they are little.

When the littleun's become biggun's,
you will have more time on your hands
and they will cost you a lot more to maintain.

Wise advice I say!

Jacqueline :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Holiday at the Bells Farm

The boys and I have just returned from a
mini holiday at our good friends, The Bell Family.
They live on a farm about 30km out of town,
it was so much fun.

The neighbours had a new baby born a while ago,
A baby donkey!
Not sure what a baby donkey is called,
I don't think it's called a foal.

How cute!

Everyone had a turn of leading mother donkey around

There was even a pony with a foal

Back at the Bell Farm, the little people spent a good hour
jumping on the silage rolls,
they were like giant lillypads.

My boys had such a great time,
we saw Angora Goats, kangaroos, emu's,
sheep, cows and calves, bulls, dogs, donkeys
and ponies, tractors and motor bikes,
the chooks were fed many times
and nests checked for eggs many times.

We went for a drive around the paddock to check
the cows and the calves.

Simone and I even had time for creating.
We sliced up her fabric for a quilt for one of
her daughters, set up our 2 machines
and pieced it together.
This was a great quick way get the quilt done
I would recommend it.

It still needs 3 borders sewn on,
Simone text last night to say she had done 1 1/2 borders
Well Done Simone.
She had better get cracking as she also has to do another
quilt for another daughter.

Thanks so much to the Bell family for having us stay!
We had a fantastic time!

Jacqueline :)
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