Sunday, April 22, 2012

November 2011 Departures

A Market Bunting for a local handmade creative gal, 
Rebekah at

A 5 metre custom Bunting for Mel

Another 5 meter custom Bunting for Mel

Santa Sacks for Kylie, Christie, Erin, Helen,
Anita, Caroline, Jayne, and Julie.

Custom made Bunting in yellow and green for Tamara

Wedding Bunting for Elizabeth

An Oliver Bunting for Melissa

Buntings for Angela, Bianca and Janine

Odd Sock Keeper for Shauna

2 Xmas Buntings for Keryn,
1 Xmas bunting for Nerida,
5 Xmas bunting for Belinda

And a Noah Name Garland for Kate

Hope everyone has a great Sunday

Monday, April 16, 2012

Handmade Gifts

A couple of Handmade Birthday Gifts for the boy's friends.

A Zipper Pouch for Alexander,
big enough to put a novel, ipod,
and any other goodies in.

Some matching bookmarks too.

A smaller one for Yasintsa, she was having a fruit themed party,
so I thought this strawberry fabric would be perfect.

I also framed a photo I had taken at our house of 2 best friends,
along with some nail polish and lip gloss.

School has resumed today
ahhhhh....the serenity

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