Friday, October 30, 2009

Bianca's Bouquet

This is a bunch of flowers from around our garden, taken yesterday.
It’s a bouquet for a special friend,
Now living up north,

She will be 30 on Friday.
I met Bianca about 3 years ago,
When I was finding being a mum a hard gig.

I began going to stitch & bitch (sewing group)
For some time out for me.
The first session I attended to was at Bianca’s house
I was made to feel very welcome and
Immediately felt at ease with her.

Bianca is such a lovely person, very honest and a good friend.
She has lots of great advice on parenting,
Creating and life in general.

Bianca tells it like it is – which I really admire in people.
She talks a lot and is a fantastic listener – not many can do that.

Bianca had 4 beautiful children and is a great mum and wife.
She’s had a home water birth – you’ve got to admire that!

She is a very talented creative person,
Has just opened a Madeit Shop this week and
Already had sales  check out her goods before she sells out!

Happy Birthday Bianca

Thanks for everything

Have a great weekend

Jacqueline :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Your Place & Mine - Bedside

My first thought when reading this theme was to dust and tidy,
But I resisted the temptation, if I did not move anything,
you would not see the dust anyway.
At least the bed is made, it's a funny thing with the bed,
if it's made, I feel in control of the day, strange I know.
Next to my bed is a pile of mags,
Homespun, Organic Gardener, Donna Hay &
Better Homes & Gardens.
When the boys create something special,
they rush to put it next to my bed,
a bit like “this will go straight to the pool room” ala The Castle.
There’s a torch for night time wake up’s

And some books for inspiration and
for keeping me on track as a mum.
Not too interesting, really.
To see more, Your Place & Mine, visit Pip

Jacqueline :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 7 Party

A couple of weekends ago,
we had a party for the first born who turned 7.

The boys get to choose how their cake will be decorated and what colour.

No fancy elaborate cakes around here I’m afraid.

We began a new birthday rule, a couple of birthdays ago
they love it!

We took our boys and 4 of first born’s
friends to the aquatic centre swimming,

then back here for a BBQ lunch, treasure hunt and cake.
A great day was had by all!

Here's the cake we had on the actual night of his 7th birthday,
Chocalate Ripple Cake.

Jacqueline :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last Nights Harvest

Last night for tea, I made chicken and salad.
Our patch produced most of the edibles,
carrots, spring onions, sugarsnap peas, broccoli, beetroot & lettuce.
The eggs where from a local supplier too.

Happy little campers all round!

Jacqueline :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Place & Yours - On The Shelf

I have decided to play along with a meme over at
I am new to blogging,
if anyone can tell me what meme means or stands for,
 that would be great.
On my shelf is our collection of T.G. Green Cornishware.
I have always loved the blue and white,
 over the years we have collected lots of
different bits and pieces from all over the place.
One of my favourite pieces is the giant tea cup which was a gift,
another is a double ended egg cup that I scored at the
bargin price of $20 at an antique store in a little town.
One time, while visiting Adelaide,
 we found some pieces in the classifieds,
met the seller in a winery car park at McLarenvale and did the deal
inspecting the goods in his car boot!

We picked up this old dresser in an antique store in Hahndorf
in the Adelaide Hills (where I spent some of my childhood).
Its perfect to keep the collection in.

I much prefer the blue,
but we have picked up a few pieces of yellow along the way.
(it's actually more yellow in real life)
The mug on the right belonged to my Great Grandmother, Olga.
My Grandmother, Mary then had it,
took it along to the shearing shed in the basket
for smoko over many many years,
and now I have it, its amazing it still exists.
So, thats my shelf.

Jacqueline :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Recent Departures

here's an update of creations that have gone off to new homes recently.
Luke has gone off to beautiful Tassie.

Taj & Alex have a new home in Adelaide.

Maisy & Sage was a local order.

This rocket bunting I made for a space cadet party
 for a local 3 year old Nate.
Hope you had a great party Nate!

The machine has been a little idle over the last few weeks,
better dust it off and get onto some xmas projects.

Hope you are all having a nice Friday
Jacqueline :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Seven years ago tonight, Peter & I were patiently
awaiting the arrival of our first born.
He's a pic of me two hours before he was born.
I was patient anyway - Peter was beside himself with anticipation
 as we had gone 12 days past that mythical thing
often refered to as "the due date".
 I loved being pregnant, but anxious to meet my first baby

 With no labour, 2 failed inducements , we were off to theatre,
a healthy 9 pound 3 baby boy finally arrived
to change our world forever.

Where have those years gone!

Happy 7th Birthday to Our Little Man!
We Love You!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Creating Future Husband

Well, the school holidays are almost over and
these holidays I have managed not to nail the boys to the roof - yet.
I'ts creche day today, so it's just been the first born and I.

First we made a list of all the jobs we wanted to get done today.
Things have got a little out of control around here over the holidays.
Time for a catch up.
He made all the beds, had a major toy tidy, organised the book shelf
and even cleaned the bathroom sink and toilet.


Its great to be able to see the floors again.
I have really enjoyed my Fridays with 1st born over the holidays.
I will miss him when school goes back next week.

I began this stitchery earlier in the year when we were up in Qld.
I used scraps from a friendship quilt I finished earlier in the year.
Yesterday I pinned on the binding, showed Peter last night,
he says, thats a big pot holder.
It's actually going to be a wall hanging
More husband training required.
And, in my "creating future husbands" manual,
I think I need to add a new chapter
"Appreciating the Wife's Creations"
Have a nice weekend

Jacqueline :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spuds Are Up & Veggies Are Taking Off.

Spuds Are Up!
After only 22 days the first of the potatoes we planted on Sep 2nd have pushed through.  That's the fastest I've ever had them come up.  Since we planted them deeper than ever before, it's particularly fast.  I put it down to sitting them in a warm sunny spot for a few weeks before planting.  Most had lots of small shoots by the time my 3rd little helper assisted with the planting.  Time will tell if it pays off when we dig them up in Dec /Jan

The Corn is growing by the day, I've had the Laser-Light over the top to keep any frost off and keep them extra warm during the day.  It should pay off with an early crop of juicy sweet corn.

Another row of carrots are up and need to be thinned out soon.   Have just started to pull a few from the first couple of rows, they were planted back in May.

The boys are picking the sugar snap peas as soon as they're anywhere close to size.  No chance any will make it into the house.  Still, I'd rather the boys eat the lot than the birds get them again.  Last year we had lots of problems with the birds eating them, but this year they haven't touched them.

I pulled the first of the beetroot last weekend.  We roasted it with some other vegetable and it tasted  great.

Peter W
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