Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25 - Tight Arse Tuesday - Powder or Pills

What is in this special little ball and coloured powder?
What' so special about it?
Stay with me now

Here's the front of the choice's

So many choice's, do you want
super clean, super super clean, super super super clean
or super super super super clean?

Here is the ingredient tables

Now read the ingredients on this one...

Then this one...

Then this one...

 Then this one....
Am I the only one that can not see a significant difference? 

They all look so pretty lined up, but do they really do a better job?

This is the one I use, the no fuss powder,
I have tried the others, and did not find a difference,
sure, I have to use a scoop, but that's not an inconvenience.
Now, interestingly enough, this container does not have a table of ingredients,
so I emailed Reckitt Benckister to get a list,
Yes - I did have a bee in my bonnett!
I am no scientist, but the ingredients looked very similar
(I can't seem to copy the document onto here though)

And now, the breakdown.
Quantum 40 Tablets $26.99 = .67c per wash
Maxi 48 Tablets $26.99 = .56c per wash
All in 1 56 Tablets $26.99 = .48c per wash
Classic 30 Tablets $11.79 = .39c per wash
Finish Powder 3kg $16.99 = .20c per wash
(I got 82 washes from a container)

I don't like grocery shopping and come home
ranting and raving to the husband about
how companies are trying to rip us off!
Yes Dear....

Well Mr. Finish, I'm onto you!
You can't fool me.

Better the cash in my pocket than theirs
Have to save the pinch the penny's for the scooter :)
And, obviously, this is not a sponsored post :)
Edited: After reading th comments below - I now use the Aldi powder or tablets,
they are yet cheaper again and doing a lovely job.
Rant Over
See you tomorrow


  1. How revealing! I've never looking at the ingredients lists, although I have wondered many times about the differences. I have to admit I use the 'classic' tablets, and I buy them when they are on sale (which is surprisingly regularly). I can't handle using any sort of powder for the dishwasher or the washing machine (I use liquid for the washing machine), I seem to have an allergy or something, my nose and eyes run as soon as I take the lid off. My dishwasher only runs twice a week usually though, especially now my daughter is away at uni, so it's probably alot less frequently than at your place! I'm so glad you posted this though, as I've wondered so often what on earth the difference is and whether I should be bothered about it! And good luck with the scooter saving!!!

  2. I'm with you on this one - I use the powder too. But, I've also discovered that the Aldi brand powder seems to be exactly the same as Finish powder except cheaper again!

  3. Good ranting!
    I have stopped using Finish because I also thought it was a bit of a con. I used to use the basic one but lately it has been leaving residue/crap on all the dishes.
    I now use the ecostore ones which are a bit cheaper and have been great.
    Nice to see you're also on your soapbox - quite literally!

  4. Fabulous rant. I get on my high horse about stuff like that too. Stand in the supermarket doing maths all of the time. We just got a dish washer AND I'm using Finish. I didn't realise you could buy the powder, I might have to go to a bigger supermarket to find it but I'm going to switch from the pre packaged stuff now.
    I also like comparing ingredients on no name brands, they are often identical to the expensive labeled ones. If the contact address is the same as the label brand, you can pretty much guarantee its the same item in cheap packaging.
    Feel free to do as many of the "unsponsored" posts as you like. :0)

  5. I will try the aldi powder now. I always cut the tablets in half. The dishwashed man said they are always too strong. I have also found a great gel in a tube at Coles. It is good when you feel a little lazy.

  6. I use the powder too. My girls though always want me to buy the ones that look the prettiest. I on the other hand think it's all a bit of a trick really just to charge you more and you've proved that:) I like this post:)


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