Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 - Royalty and Rockstar

Last year we went to a "Celebrity" dress up 30ish Birthday.
The husband went as "Ozzie Osborne" and I went as "The Queen"
Thought this was a timely post as we have
royality visiting the counrty at the moment

Here's "Ozzie's" homemade stash

The birthday girl, Amy, "Lady GaGa" and her
hubby, Adam, "Gene Simmons"
Lady GaGa even sang a few songs for us :)

Heres "Blues Brother", Ray and his "Hollywood Want-To-Be", Lisa

"Amy Winehouse" also made an apperance

As did "Uncle Arthur" and "Dame Edna"

And, I just had to include
"Fred and Wilma"

You know when you get that invitation to a fancy dress do,
my usual reaction is - oh shit - I hate these things,
but once we sorted out what we would go as it,
it all came together easily and looked forward to the big event.
A great night was had by all, and
thanks for the use of the pic's Amy :)

See you tomorrow


  1. Ok, so I kind ofspotted you weren't the Queen (you look too youthful too be that old) but geez, the Ozzie is spot on! He has the grin down pat haha. Looks like fun, I've never been to a dress up party!

  2. Great costumes. Sorry to say your hubby makes a rather realistic Ozzie.

  3. OMG Peter is scarily realistic. Almost the complete opposite of his real self. OMG. You look very gracious and I like how your bag matches your gloves. Nice work.


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