Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21 - Not So Productive

There was a little bit of this,
then down the street,
orders posted, a xmas present bought
bought my own birthday present for next month

we made some piklets for an after school snack,
they liked them so much, I made them piklets for tea too.
Bad mother trophy awarded to me today.

This little cherub, seems to have a strange reaction to snails.

 After tea, the boys were collecting snails for a race, as you do...
When the middle child handles snails - he vomits,
So, vomit on the verandah for hubby to clean up.
I don't do vomit duty.

Then tonight, they all wanted to sleep in the same single bed,
And, they actually went to sleep,
I don't think they will sleep very well though, 
they will be grumpy little buggers tomorrow!

a recap on my last blog post,
there was a Vespa in the paper today...
See you tomorrow at


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