Thursday, June 23, 2011

Creative in the top end

Hello from sunny warm Darwin!
What a beautiful spot, I have never been here before, but I will definitely be back, with my boys next time.
Had a lovely wander around the mindil markets tonight, enjoyed some performances and watched the sun set with the boys on skype, isn't technology amazing!

I have even had a little time for some stitching today. This UFO I bought up is coming together really nicely, will try and piece it together tonight.
And, I am going to turn this place upside down and try and find bianca's camera charger, so she can finally blog some projects she has been working on - wish me luck with that one.
Till next time
Be good

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dessert Parenting Plan

(Apologies for the grainy iphone shot's)

For about a year now,
we have been going out for desert on a Saturday night.
Not all of us, just 2 at a time.
One boy and one parent.
The boy choose's where we go.
The boy choose's which parent to take.
The idea is, we start this ritual now,
it is valuable one on one time with our boy's,
to listen, to chat and to listen some more.
by the time they reach their teen's,
when communication will be "more difficult" I expect, 
this routine is well and truly established,
regular one on one time to listen and chat.
That's the plan anyway :)

The first born is coming up to 9,
he talks about his friends and school, good stuff and bad stuff.

It takes about an hour, cost's between $12 and $20,
and, we feel is a very good investment.

The only down side to the Dessert Plan
is when I don't get picked to go out for dessert!

Anyone else have a little weekly ritual?

Jacqueline :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I May Of Made An Art Smock ???

This afternoon, I had the urge to make myself a top.
This pattern had been stashed away, and the fabric was on sale a while ago,
thought it would make a good test fabric for the pattern.
It did not take long, I just put hat elastic in the neck instead.

Here is the (almost) finished product.
2nd boy laughed from the tramp.
The husband said "hello Gladys" (my MIL)
It's a bit frumpy, and I feel like I have Buzz Lightyear Shoulders.
(actually looks better in the pic, my left hand gives it some shape)

It may just be for painting, if I ever have the urge to do that!
Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet
about making something for myself to wear,
never turns out how I expect it too.
Why do I bother, should just stick to wht I know.

Do you try and make clothes for yourself ?
Any luck with it?

Enjoy your weekend


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mother Holiday

In 11 sleeps I will be heading on a Mother Holiday
for 10 days, all the way up to Darwin.
Just me.
No husband.
No boys.
I am going to visit my lovely friend
Last night I realised how close my departure date is!
Lists need to be made, baking needs to be done,
20kg needs to be shed, the winter forest needs to be waxed
and so on.
I have never been away from the boys for that long,
each year I have a few days away on my own to recharge.

Sometimes, during the day I can't wait to get away from this
noisy testosterone charged house.
Other times, I can barely think about leaving them for that long.
Other times I have huge guilt eating away at me.
I will miss these monkeys soooo much!

Do you take time out to have a Mother Holiday?

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday


Monday, June 6, 2011

I Won!

A couple of weeks on a trip to Spotlight, the girls at the store
asked if I had entered the pillow case competition.
Entrant's had to create a pillow case - simple.
The entry's were hung in the store and customers vote for their favourite.
After the competition, all the pillow case's are donated to charity.

And, so, here is my entry.

And, I won!
Scored myself a $50 Spotlight voucher - very handy indeed.
Thanks Spotlight and Thanks Terry for telling me about the comp.
And of course, thanks to the people who voted,
And thanks to, Bernina, Guttermann,
Louise who created my elephant pin cushion,
Mundial for my scissors and last but not least
  My Family for all their support :)

Did anyone else enter at their local spotty?

Take Care and Be Good

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cushion Swap Delivery!

My cushion swapped arrived late last week.
It came all the way from Northern Ireland!
Catherine has a lovely blog,

Catherine sent a lovely cushion, with a cross-stitch attached.
I have done a lot of cross-stitch over the years,
especially during our 4 years of travel, it was small and portable.
Think I was the only crafty backpacker though :)
At the moment they are all tucked away in a box,
might just get me motivated to get them out and do something with them.

Thanks Catherine, you are a mighty fine cross-stitcherer lady!

And, now the cushion I made has arrived at its destination,
I can let you know where it went,
to Beck over at

Thanks to evryone that joined in!
Take Care and Be Good,
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