Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Gift Bag Tutorial

I found a tutorial on how to make
and had the urge to make one today.
I printed off the template, and as I was cutting it out,
thought I might try making it out of brown paper
rather than the denim I had in mind.
So here is my paper version.
(The original in the above link on Merrilee's Blog is made of felt)
Trace the template onto a double thickness of brown paper,
but do not cut it out.

Sew along the traced line, stitching both pieces of paper together, 
but do not sew between the ears,
this is where you will put the goodies in.
Trim around the edge of the stitching, about 1/4 inch
You can see from this pic,
you could also just use a paper bag and cut out the ears at the top.

Add some fabric onto the ears,
I used heat n bond to adhere the fabric to the paper,
or you could use pretty paper or even washi tape
Find some treasure to put inside,
pop them in through the opening between the ears 
Flex the ears, so the curve towards the front,
gather up the paper and tie with some pretty twine
This project was easy and nice and quick,
the gift bag would also look great
made from coloured paper or baking paper
Have a great Easter

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Find Me At Bloglovin

It seems that google reader is going to retire in a few months
Yippee, because I did not really like it anyway.
So, I have have taken a little trip over to Bloglovin,
imported my Google Reader Blogs,
and claimed my blog, so you can follow me over there too.
Importing your google reader blogs that you follow to Bloglovin is easy,
Kaylie has some info on claiming you blog at Bloglovin,
so others can find it to add to their Bloglovin reader
and it is very easy
So, you can now follow me over at Bloglovin,
if you look over to the right you will see a button for it,
or you can subscribe via email,
thats over on the right too :)

They also have an App, that I have played around with,
I give that the thumbs up too.
If you are a blogger, are you over there?
Or have you tried another site, what did you think?
Catch you later
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