Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kinder Gardens - The Final Post

This is the last week of the
Above is the project the first born has been
patiently trying to do over the last 6 months.
Growing a Pea Tent.
The peas have been got at by birds and snails,
but they are finally off and running.
He has been so patient and just says
Oh well, we will plant some more :)

A friend has just suggested a natural pest conrol remedy
we have not heard of before.
Soak a bulb of Fennel in hot water, let cool
place in a watering can and apply to plants.
The bugs don't like the anaseed aroma.
So far it's working :)
Thanks Liesl

For my last post, I will give a little history of our patch.
It started back in 2003, first born was only 9 months when
we moved to this house,we had a large expanse of grass and
a dead tree (gone in this pic)
in the back yard.

A vegetable patch was first on the agenda.

Pa came to help

Another  labourer boy came along in 2004
Holidays were spent working in the yard,
rather than spending money on trips,
we stayed home and reduced our debt
(we are now debt free!!!)
We have had a holiday or 2 over the years :)
did not miss out completely.

And we have ended up this 
social family spot
 in our back yard
The 3 boys, (another arrived in 2006)
have been involved in the patch all the way,
from building, planting, picking and cooking.

A couple of garden awards have also be won along the way.
The boys were going for a hat-trick,
after winning best vegie patch in town 2 years in a row.
The competition does not run anymore.

The best thing about being involved in the comp
was having an Open Garden for the public.
People streamed in, the boys had a ball
giving people guided tours and
informing them what all the plants were,
about compost and natural pest control

On weekends, the boys help Peter

They even take it upon themselves to do
some cultivating while dads at work
(nobody was injured during this gardening session - amazingly)

Hunting and gathering spuds

Our boys benifit in so many ways from our vegie patch,
more than I expected they would.
At other peoples houses, they ask
"where is their vegie patch?"
They presume everyone has one.
A patch is not time consuming, once it is constructed,
its pretty easy, an afternoon here or there.
Having said that -
my husband spends a lot of time on ours!
It's his hobby, where he teaches the boys about it,
and where he chats and spends time with the boys.

I have enjoyed participating in "Kinder Gardens" and
looking at the other inspirational children in their gardens.
Even though it has been winter here,
we still managed to pull together our posts most weeks.
I will definately still be visiting the other participants,
a couple of favouries
their photography is fantastic.

Till next time

Friday, September 17, 2010

Planting Corn - Kinder Gardens-Let Them Get Dirty

Spring has sprung, so it's time to get organised in the patch.
Corn seeds were planted this week after being soaked overnight.

Peter has had the last 2 weeks off and
his little assistant, The Third Born
has been by his side helping do jobs around the house

The corn seeds have gone into little pots and into a makeshift
green house to help them get a good start.
Max likes to sit on the little green house,
not sure if he is trying to
hatch them or protect them

Tomatos seeeds that we saved last year were
planted a while ago and raised on a heat bed.
They have now been planted into bigger pots and
put into a propagation box in a nice sunny spot.
It's too early to plant them out yet,
Maybe in another 3 weeks or so.

If you wish to see other children in gardens


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letterbox Delights

This arrived in the letterbox on Monday.
Alphabet Soup
designed by Kellie at
The kit came from Ballarat Patchwork,
where I did a class with Kellie way back in March.
I can't wait to get started -
I have a lot of unfinished projects at the moment-
I guess another one won't hurt :)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creative Sunday

Often when I am sewing, the boys want to join in too.
I have a drawing table set up near by and a lego table.
I also have my old machine still, and occasionally get it out for
the boys to have a go at.
They love it because its a mechanical machine and
enjoy trying to figure out how it works and creating things.

This time they were sewing cards,
even the third born (4) has a go
Sometimes I am scared sensless by the little voice in my head
that reminds me of all the things that could go wrong,
but I like to encourage them to try everything
and learn to be responsible and respect things.

On Sunday, the second born just wanted to
cut, paste and glue

This is what he created for his mum
This one goes
"straight to the pool room"
if I had one, instead it's on my dressing table

Hope you are having a lovely week

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Handmade Christmas Challenge

I am joining in on the
organised by

This week, I am doing a plug for
Jessica, the creative South Australian behind

Jessica sells lots of lovelies in her
Passport Covers and Sleep Eyemasks,
Great for the traveller
Handbound Journal Covers
  2011 diarys
Zipper Pouches,
along with lots of other goodies,
Jessica has a great range of fabrics
pop over and have a peek.

Have a nice weekend

Thursday, September 9, 2010

River Update

Well, we definately have water in the river now,
this shot is the section of river that the boys were sitting in
on the last post.

Behind the weir
The river has risen in town
since I took these pics,
it is contained - just 

The Wimmera Bridge

Looking across at Southbank

Looking towards the weir

We have had water in the river this year,
Just not this much!
There are smiling faces and a 
 steady stream of traffic driving down to look at the river.

There is also talk around town
as to how this flood was managed,
some farmers crops have been washed away
after they were looking so promising.
This has raised much debate about diverting water to
dry recreational and disused lakes in the wimmera
to try and lessen the impact of the flood 
See what happens next...


Friday, September 3, 2010


This weekend we are expecting some significant rain.
Our area has been in drought for about 12 years,
hot, dry, dusty, poor crops and severe water restrictions.
Dry lakes, creeks and rivers,
local business has suffered, and tourism has suffered.

These shots are of the lovely Wimmera River which runs through
Horsham, they were taken in March 2009,
when you could walk across the river.

The drought had exposed the original bridge

You can see, from this shot, the size of the river bed.
The river had become just a series of stagnant puddles.
We have recieved rain over the last few months,
the river is looking lovely agian, a little while ago,
the wier gates were even opened because of the swollen river!

The rain we are expecting now is just moving across
South Australia, should be here tonight,
maybe it will change these
Wimmera Water Storages :)

Bellfield in Halls Gap - this yr 45% - last yr 25%
Lake Fyans - this yr 52% - last yr 30%
Lake Lonsdale - this yr 38% - last yr 10%
Rocklands Resivour - this yr 7.3% - last yr 2%
Wartook in the Grampians - this yr 94% - last yr 54%
many others are still dry.
Total Storage for the Wimmera....
this yr 20.8%
last yr 9.1%

As you can see, there is still a long way to go,
but our water situation is looking much healthier,
with more on the way....


PS There is a local family of 5, taking an extended trip up the centre
and down the west, they have been gone all term
lucky them, if you wish to look at some fantastic shots,
and see what they are up to pop over here

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

June Departures

A custom made 9 metre bunting for Alison, Karratha, WA

A "Hugo" Name Garland for Alison, Murtoa, Vic

A Spotty Bunting for Maja, Cantebury, NSW

"Islay" and "Mikiyas" Name Garlands
for Paige, Armidale, NSW

A Name Garland for Kate
Northmead, NSW.
You can see the name garland in action
at this beautiful photo shoot

A Pink Floral Bunting went off to
Loretta, Emerald, QLD

Another Red Ned Bunting
 has a new home at Kirstie's, Moree, NSW

And, an "Abigail" Name Garland
for Melissa, Bateman, WA

Hope your week is going well
Jacqueline :)
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