Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making For Us

I've had a few small projects around the house
that needed doing.
First was a pillow for the Third Born to have at kinder.
Today is his first full session,
so, I am home alone :)

Next was to replace my scuffy door-stops
that Max chewed when he was a puppy.

And here are the new ones.
The triangle one I just made up.

And the square one was from this book,
that my lovely friend Lyndal gave me
for my birthday.

A friend gave me this fabric she did not need anymore.
In exchange, I made an art smock for her son.
The boys have been carting cushions into the kitchen,
putting them on their chairs, so,
decided to use this fabric to make some chair pads for them.
They are not as good as the one's in the shops,
but the boys like them, thats the main thing.

Hope you have a good Thursday


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spud Dig 2011

Way back at the beginning of October
the spuds were planted in their trenches.
Max did very well to control himself,
all those little ball like things
in the dirt, just tempting him.

A couple of weeks ago, on a warm summer night,
the digging began, to find the buried treausure.

It was all hands on deck

There was a flurry of activity 
There was biguns and littleuns

And very proud harversters.
They dug about 25kg of spuds from the patch.
Well done boys!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy New Year.....

I always feel like this is the start of my year.
When school goes back.
Actually started last Friday, but I don't count that 1 day.
We now have a grade 3 boy, a grade 1 boy
and 4 year old kinder starts tomorrow for the little one.

I like the return of our routine,
I like to have a plan for the day,
rather than drifting from one task or activity to another
and not finishing anything properly.

Over the summer break
we had a lovely trip to Canberra,
then a few days in Beechworth,
then returned home to a flooded Horsham.
There are full lakes and water storages - what a turn-around

Hope you all had a nice break too


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