Monday, August 13, 2012

A Letter To The Tooth Fairy

Last week we had a wobbly tooth pop out.
This 8 year old boy has been waiting ages.
We put the tooth in a Tooth fairy Envelope,
then he wrote a note for the tooth fairy,
which included a very important question.
I did not know, as I had never spoken to the Tooth fairy,
but I could not wait till morning to find out,
so I asked Twitter and Facebook friends what thier little's believe the
Tooth fairy does with her stash of tiny teeth.

It seems Tooth Fairy's in different parts of the world
use them for different projects, here's a few...
*she gives them to the new babies
*she turns them into fairy dust
*she uses them for bricks to built tiny castles
*she uses them for rocks in fairy gardens
 *each collected tooth becomes a new star

And one mums little man thought she was the Tooth Fairy,
but just could not understand how she got to all those houses every night!

In the morning she had left a reply! In teeny tiny fairy writing.

I like the idea of all the Tooth Fairy's 
having a sing song around the piano at the end of their shift.
I picture them in a saloon - sort of like the old wild west days,
some playing poker and some just hanging out at the bar. 

And, as usual, this boy had to have the last say, he has written thanks.
The Tooth Fairy left $3 (all in 10c for this big front tooth)

We've never had a note from the Tooth Fairy before,
but I expect we will have more in the future.

{This boy also leaves homework for Santa to do}

What does your Tooth fairy do with the teeth?
Has she ever left a note?

Have a great day

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