Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thismorning at breakfast, we ran out of butter for the toast.
My fault, had not been to the shops for a while.

A while ago I read this post over at Rhonda's,
And thought I would like to give butter making a go.
Today was the perfect opportunity.

It took longer than the tutorial,
I just used the Bulla cream that was in the fridge.

We made some scones after the butter,
I had never made scones before either,
pretty easy really, not sure why I had'nt before.

I was happy with the result of both butter and scones
(homemade apricot & pineapple jam by Gran)
The boys were also happy
All scones have vanished

Have a nice weekend

Jacqueline :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fridays Projects

Creche day today,
{which I am very happy with}
to tap my foot to as the machine hummed along

Today I made some buntings for the boys to give
as birthday gifts for parties attended thisevening.

The pink bunting is ready to be sent off to it's new home

It is to co-ordinate with this name garland

All boys are finally in bed and asleep,
hope the sugar high from 2 parties
wears off by morning.
Have a great weekend.

Jacqueline :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your Place and Mine - Front Door

Here's our front door.
It does not get used at the moment, as the sign says
"Please use the back door"
There are 2 reasons why we dont use it.
One - with the movement in the ground, if we open it,
it's bloody hard to get shut again.

Reason Two - it's my creating space on the other side.
The cupboard to the left is full of my stash.
On the other side of the cupboard is our living area
and computer corner.
It's all open, so I can create and watch the boys playing
or watch teev or chat, or sort out the disagreements.
We did have an office/sewing room,
but decided to make that into a toy room.
The change has worked out really well.
The boys also use this side of the desk, they hord my scraps
and make all sorts of treasures.

To the right is a lovely big window
overlooking the front garden.
We are planning on renovating this house over
the next few years,
hopefully having my own sewing room.

Pop over here to see more front doors.

Jacqueline :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greenbacks & The Patch

On Monday, Peter headed of to Seattle for a Microsoft Study Tour.
We drove down to Melbourne on Sunday and
spent the night at Southbank on our own.
It's the first time we have been on our own without the boys.
It was lovely.
It's been 7 years since 1st Born arrived.
I had a day shopping on my own on Monday before driving back to Horsham.

I spotted this busy bee working in the patch thismorning,
he was covered in pollen from the zucchini flowers,
Think it's time he returned to the hive!

It's up to the boy's and I to take care of his beloved vegie patch,
and nurse it through this heat wave.
The plan over the last few years is to plant everything really early,
protect it from the frost,
so as most of the summer crop is finished before the searing
temperatures of Feb and March.
Think it will all be finished a bit earlier this year.

The zucchini's will be ready very shortly

tomato's have begun to form

Beetroot is ready to preserve

Onions are doing well

Cucumbers will also be ready soon

The corn is forming cobbs

I think we are doing OK, nothing has wilted and died yet.
Hope you enjoyed the pics Peter,
Have a great time.
Oh Peter, almost forgot, saw Mr. Giamettio yesterday morning,
he has picked 2 tomato's already!

Jacqueline :)

pop over to Bianca's,
she is doing a give away with her
groovy wraps, great pressie's.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spiky Day

Some days are spiky & some days soft & spongy.
Yesterday was a spiky day.
This hot weather is making the boys a little cranky.
Tears because 1st born did not want to go to school.
It was hot, so I thought I would take the opportunity
to wash 2nd borns recently finished quilt.
When I removed the red, blue & white quilt from the machine,
lovely purple squares had magically appeared.

We had to take a quick trip to the shops to
get some fix it stuff for the quilt.

2nd and 3rd born did not want to get into the car.
As we came out to the car at the shops,
some lady (with 2 car seats in the back)
 had parked so close to my new car,
that I had to be the size of a small match box to
 get into the drivers seat.
As she was walking away,
I said maybe she had parked a bit close,
she said sorry about that and walked into the shop.
Back home to fix the quilt, tired boys would not go to sleep.
Tired boys argued most of the afternoon.
Internet connection not working.
Looking forward to an evening out at a Kitchen Aid demonstation.
I mixed up the time, got there as the demo was finishing.
I did buy a Rotor Vegetable Slicer & Shreder though (retail therapy).
Did some grocery shopping on the way home.
Got home and realised I had left some bags at the checkout.
Back to the supermarket to retrieve them.
Home to a woken up unsettled 3rd born.
Off to bed. 

Today has started much better,
have been playing with my new toy,
grating parmesan, chedder, crushing biscuits and making hedgehog,
while 2nd born is at kinder & 3rd born washed the dishes.
Just have to figure out what to do with all this grated cheese 
& rewash the dishes.
Jacqueline :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

20 + 20 = today

20 years ago, I was 20.

In the last twenty years...

I have lived in Bondi Beach, Hamilton, Canberra
I have lived in Swan Hill, Ballarat, Port Douglas
I have lived in Airlie Beach, Magnetic Island and Horsham
I have eloped with my best friend
I have learnt money is not everything
I have visited Thailand, Maylasia, Singapore & New Zealand
Spent 4 wonderful years backpacking around our beautiful country
I have had a niece born with Cystic Fibrosis
I have learnt my husband is a Cystic Fibrosis carrier
I have been pregnant 4 times
I have had 2 cesarians
I have had 1 natural birth
I've had 1 miscarriage
I have spent 3 1/2 years breast feeding
I have made mistakes
I have worked as a jillaroo & cleaner
I have worked taking tourists for horse rides on the beach
I have been a retail manager
I have sold bra's, bread & boots.
I've lost my Nanna, Venice, to cancer
I have owned a Volkswagon, an Exa, a Commodore & Statesman
I have had my heart broken

I have sailed around the Whitsundays with some great friends
I have had 2 speeding tickets
I have made contact with friends from long ago, thanks to the internet
I have spent 3 wonderful months camping around Tassie
I have made some fantastic friends
I have started an online store & blog
I have been lucky to have 3 happy healthy boys
I have learnt to not live beyond my means
I have learnt to keep things simple
I have learnt, it's OK to say no

Have a nice weekend, I will, bottoms up
Jacqueline :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Next Job

This is a quilt for second borns bed.
The green spot is for the backing.
The tiny green spot is for the binding.
It's all ready to pin together.
He is waiting very patiently for it.
I am thinking of quilting it with a star on each large square.
Most of this fabric came from Ballarat Patchwork.

This is a kit I bought in Adelaide at Easter.
This will be a quilt for first borns bed.
I really like the Prints Charming fabric, but having second
thoughts about the pattern that came with the kit.

More thinking and procrastinating needed
before I cut into this lovely fabric.

These lovely reds arrived yesterday.
They are from Amy at Badskirt
I love red fabric.
The other fabrics are also from Amy
Not sure what I have planned for them yet
They just look nice folded on my shelf
With the other red families.

Jacqueline :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


On the 3rd November 2001 we tied the knot
After about 9 year together.
We Eloped to a lovely spot in the Barossa Valley
This is a great spot to get married,
we hightly recommend the property.

It was just the 4 of us - we managed to keep it all a secret.
Our witnesses were Peter's twin brother Michael and his wife Jo.
We rang everyone after the ceremony to pass on the news.
We stayed at the beautiful homestead,
had our private candle-light reception in the dining room and
the next day toured around some Barossa Winery's in a vintage car

Happy 8th Anniversary To Us!
And, if you are thinking of Eloping,
we would highly recommend that too.
It was our day & everyone was thrilled for us.

Jacqueline :)
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