Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Creative Space - Jess's Quilt

My creative space today involves quilting "Jess's Quilt"

It was started in August last year,
hopefully it will be finished by August next year!

A little bit of stipple to go - then ready for binding - finally!

To visit the home of Our Creative Space 

Have a great Thursday

Saturday, July 23, 2011

In The Patch, July 2011

Brussels Sprouts, but we only planted one bush,
should have been more as the boys love them.

Lot's of Broccoli, I think we are on our 3rd planting for the winter,
so we have had a nice steady supply.

Lots of fragrant Coriander

Plenty of Beetroot

Three beds have been planted for green manure,
this will be dug into the ground, probably in September,
 to provide lots of nutrients to the soil, ready for the spring planting

Our first Mandarin's from our little tree,
they are small, but very nice.

Tomato seeds that were saved last year,
 have sprouted with the help of a heated propagating bed,
now they are out on the sunny veranda in a glass topped box,
they are about to get their second lot of leaves.

There are quite a lot! But you have to allow for some failures,
and have some to share with friends.
We have a few different variety's,
 Mortgage Lifter, Black Russian, Tommy Toe and Tiggerela

Here is the patch in full,
the empty looking bed in front has onions, garlic and chives,
they are there, just don't show up in the pic.
So, there you have it, winter time is not such a quiet,
dormant time in the veggie patch!
(Woops - forgot the carrots)

Whats are you picking at the moment?

Have a nice weekend

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mr. C's Quilt

While I was up in Darwin, one of Bianca's little's,
Mr. C turned 5.
A couple of nights before his big day,
Bianca say's, "I might make him a quilt"
I thought to myself,
"there is no way this is going to come together before Mr.C's birthday!"

She got the box of "good stuff" out and started slicing her most precious fabrics
into smaller bits of precious fabric.

She sewed and chatted,
sewed and chatted and sewed and chatted
and finished it.
It's backed with navy cord - I love it,
although, I did lobby to have the plain green removed,
but lost out - completed, I now like the green too. 

And here is Mr. C with his new quilt.
He loves it too.
Well done Bianca!
Bianca could have taken some pics herself ...
if she could have found the charger for her wizbang camera :)

Be Good

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home Now and Thanks

I returned home from my trip to Darwin on Friday afternoon.
Waiting for me was a lovely bunch of Roses, a roast
and 3 very happy boys.

Peter has done a fantastic job while I was away,
he managed to get the boys to school and kinder with lunches,
remembered excursions, free dress days, cub's, birthday parties,
readers, recorders, was kinder helper, and enjoyed dancing at kinder.

There was no overflowing wash bags and baskets, no empty fridge,
there was a tidy house, and there were
3 boys that had loved having their dad at home for 2 weeks

So a big thankyou to Peter
for taking 2 weeks off from a very busy, stressful time at work,
while I had a mother holiday
I really appreciate it!

Jacqueline :)

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