Wednesday, March 19, 2014


For years we have been talking about getting chooks
 The husband could just never find the time to build a chook coop
 So the boys and I bought a kit one from the hardware store,
it was finally put together by the boys, then it sat for a while longer.
Then we bought some chooks, and built a yard around it,
so they could stretch their legs.
We had no idea of the entertainment these chooks would give the boys.
 The chooks like to play on the swing
 and in the sand pit and roam around the yard.
 Pa came and helped the boys build the yard,
we purchased some wire and poles from a local tennis club
that were replacing their courts after flood damage
everyone joined in,
and everyone has had fun getting to know the girls.

They have a lovely shady spot under the grape vines

We have been getting a steady supply of buttnuts too.

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