Thursday, November 28, 2013

Santa Sacks

Santa orders for 2013 are well under way,
They are available in natural or denim
you can purchase them in my
Orders will be closing next Friday December 6th

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Made a Pencil Case

I sew a lot for my little shop,
but don't often get to make goodies for my boys.
When the firstborn's school pencil case burst at the seams
I decided to make a new one for him.
The back...
Has an extra pocket.
And the front.
He loves it, he's grade 5 this year,
so I always a worry about if he would still like things made by his mum.
No need to worry at this stage, he "gets" handmade,
and so far, is not fussed about the whole brand thing.
I'm very glad that he has the confidence to not have to
have/wear and be like everyone else.
He picked out his fabrics and watched it take shape,
then off to school it went.
Happy Boy
Happy Mum

Friday, July 12, 2013

Snack Container Lids

Like most mum's, I pack a lot of school lunches.
I send rubbish free lunch boxes,
I peel and core the fruit as our compost benefits from all those scraps,
rather than binning them at school   
 And, I wash a lot of school lunch containers.
The boys are very good at not leaving their containers at school,
but, somehow, the lids of the smash snack tubes do go missing.
I was going to buy some more, then wondered if I could just get the lid's,
rather than buying more containers.
I found them online at Bonzoo.
The lids were 50c each and even with postage, it was cheaper than buying new containers
The only thing was that the lids arrived in this huge box!
How can that be, it's just bloody ridiculous.
Anyway, I have my extra lids now, all ready for next term.
This is not a sponsored post,
just sharing the info in case you may have some missing lids too :)
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Guest Post By Mr 8, How To Make A Snail

Mitchell has been making these little snails out of Easter Egg wrappers,
he made them up himself and suggested he could put them on my blog
so other kids could make them.
This morning I took some pics, showed him how to use pic monkey
and let him go for it.
So, here is his little tutorial.....
A big thankyou to Mitchell
for my guest post.
You've done a great job :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Gift Bag Tutorial

I found a tutorial on how to make
and had the urge to make one today.
I printed off the template, and as I was cutting it out,
thought I might try making it out of brown paper
rather than the denim I had in mind.
So here is my paper version.
(The original in the above link on Merrilee's Blog is made of felt)
Trace the template onto a double thickness of brown paper,
but do not cut it out.

Sew along the traced line, stitching both pieces of paper together, 
but do not sew between the ears,
this is where you will put the goodies in.
Trim around the edge of the stitching, about 1/4 inch
You can see from this pic,
you could also just use a paper bag and cut out the ears at the top.

Add some fabric onto the ears,
I used heat n bond to adhere the fabric to the paper,
or you could use pretty paper or even washi tape
Find some treasure to put inside,
pop them in through the opening between the ears 
Flex the ears, so the curve towards the front,
gather up the paper and tie with some pretty twine
This project was easy and nice and quick,
the gift bag would also look great
made from coloured paper or baking paper
Have a great Easter

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Find Me At Bloglovin

It seems that google reader is going to retire in a few months
Yippee, because I did not really like it anyway.
So, I have have taken a little trip over to Bloglovin,
imported my Google Reader Blogs,
and claimed my blog, so you can follow me over there too.
Importing your google reader blogs that you follow to Bloglovin is easy,
Kaylie has some info on claiming you blog at Bloglovin,
so others can find it to add to their Bloglovin reader
and it is very easy
So, you can now follow me over at Bloglovin,
if you look over to the right you will see a button for it,
or you can subscribe via email,
thats over on the right too :)

They also have an App, that I have played around with,
I give that the thumbs up too.
If you are a blogger, are you over there?
Or have you tried another site, what did you think?
Catch you later

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hedgehog Recipe

This Hedgehog is always in our fridge or freezer,
it goes in lunch boxes most days.
This recipe was given to me by my friend Simone,
and it's a no fail, perfect Hedgehog (so far anyway, and I've made it a lot)
So I thought I would share
You will need
1 pkt Marie Biscuits (broken up)
1 pkt Marie Biscuits (crushed)
250g Butter
2 heaped tbsp Cocoa
3 Eggs Beaten
1 tspVanilla
3/4 cup Sugar
Crush and breakup the packets of biscuits, place in a mixing bowl.
Melt the butter, and take off the heat.
Mix in the sugar and cocoa, till dissolved.
Add the beaten eggs slowly and whisk in.
Return to the heat, stir and cook until hot.
Take off the heat and add Vanilla.
Pour over the biscuits and mix until all is combined.
Press into a slice container,
I squash mine down with a potato masher to get a nice dense hedgehog.
Place in the fridge to cool and firm up.
Ice with your choice of icing.
I used to make icing, but sometimes it was too soft,
so now I always use the following for icing.
Chocolate Icing
Break up a block of Chocolate, (I use coles brand)
place in a glass jug,
add 2 tsp vegetable oil.
Melt gradually in the microwave,
pour over the cooled, firm Hedgehog,
add sprinkles if you wish.
Store in the fridge or freezer
I always line my container with backing paper
so I can easily lift the slice out to cut.
I used to snip the corners so they sat nice.
But, if you scrunch the baking paper up and
then lay it in the slice container,
its sits down nicely in the corners
Just saying :)
 I always make 2 batches of the Hedgehog at a time,
but, the icing recipe above is enough to cover 2 lots.
Have a great day

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