Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 - Natimuk Fringe Festival and Farmers Market

Last weekend was the bi-annual Natimuk Fringe Festival.
Events happen all weekend
in the lovely little town at the base of The Mount Arapilies
We went out on saturday night to see the production "Highly Strung"
Pheobe Sparkle, was a 14 metre tall puppet, suspended from the Natimuk silo's
On the silo's, images were projected behind Pheobe as she told her story.

You can just make out the silo's in this shot,
Pheobe was illuminated and looked fantastic

We had to have freshy made fairy floss of course
On sunday morning, I ventured to Natimuk again to
The Farmers Market Plus.
There was lovely Art Badges from Tina,
if you are a local, you may have seen my badge,
well, this is where you can get them :)

softies with attitude, also from Tina

Lot's of lovely head pieces from

Tee's at Adelle's site

Adelle is also a local, trading as Skudia Designs
you can find her goodies

And here is lots of lovely bibs from
Leah at Down Lovers Lane another local.
and you can also find her on Facebook

Here's a couple of local boys,
selling sheep manuer, chook wheat and heat bags
their mum made for them.
They are great little businessmen,
they bought a tinnie last year from their little business funds
and this year they are saving for a motor for it.
On Sunday they sold $325 worth - thats a lot of shit to shovel and bag!
If any locals would like some of their goods,
I have their number, I can pass it on to you

And there was lots of colourful music.
It was a great market, great athmosphere and lots of goodies to look at.
Thinking about it now, there was maybe more "other goods/handmade"
than there was produce stalls.
I did not manage to get out there as a stall holder
maybe next time - was nice just to be a customer and have a wander

And, that's Blogtoberfest completed!
It was easier than I thought
31 posts in 31 days - even though a couple of posts were a bit limp :)

See you soon

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30 - We Have A Winner!

Thanks for all the entry's in my Santa Sack Giveaway

I never tire of making these, sitting, stitching,
thinking about the children they are heading off to,
thinking, will the Santa Sack be placed on the
end of a bed, hanging from the mantle or under the tree.
We hang ours from the mantle.

Anyway, down to business.
I asked "Ozzie" if he could pick a winner.
(he would not put the wig on for a pic though) 
out of my giant T.G Green Cloverleaf tea cup.
He gave them a stir...

And another stir...

And pulled out Catherine's comment - Yippeee
I wonder if she is still up,
I know she is a bit like me and wanders around blogworld late at night,
hope she is.
Can you let me know if you would like denim or linen
and what name you would like on your Santa Sack Catherine
that would be great :)

See you all tomorrow

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29 - Why I Blog

 Well, day 29 and 29 posts for Blogtoberfest - did not think I would get this far!
A gold star for me!
So, time now for a blog post about the blog.
Why do I have a blog?
My blog is to show a little of what goes on
behind the scenes at ZippyZippy HQ.
To give my clients a little insite about who they are purchasing from,
and a record for myself as to what I have created.

It's a place where friends and family far away
can pop in and see what we have all been up to.
(don't think they do pop in much though,
or don't admit to it anyway - let me know if you are here!)

It's a place to record our growing family,
our adventures and of course, The Veggie Patch
my "blogworld" is a place where I can connect and be inspired by other 
modern sewists, handmade sellers, and other crafty types,
Through my blog, I have found that it is OK to find
being a mum a bit tricky some days,
I'm not the only one - there are others in the same situation.
It's a place where I can share my idea's and thoughts.
I have found wonderful recipes and tutorials,
and have even met some other blogger's in real life.

When I tell people I have a blog, I have some awkward reactions.
Some don't know what a blog is,
Some are surprised that I have anything to blog about,
Some are eager to look.
Either you get it or you don't, each to their own.

So, thats why I blog
Why do you blog?

See you tomorrow

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 - Royalty and Rockstar

Last year we went to a "Celebrity" dress up 30ish Birthday.
The husband went as "Ozzie Osborne" and I went as "The Queen"
Thought this was a timely post as we have
royality visiting the counrty at the moment

Here's "Ozzie's" homemade stash

The birthday girl, Amy, "Lady GaGa" and her
hubby, Adam, "Gene Simmons"
Lady GaGa even sang a few songs for us :)

Heres "Blues Brother", Ray and his "Hollywood Want-To-Be", Lisa

"Amy Winehouse" also made an apperance

As did "Uncle Arthur" and "Dame Edna"

And, I just had to include
"Fred and Wilma"

You know when you get that invitation to a fancy dress do,
my usual reaction is - oh shit - I hate these things,
but once we sorted out what we would go as it,
it all came together easily and looked forward to the big event.
A great night was had by all, and
thanks for the use of the pic's Amy :)

See you tomorrow

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27 - A Haby Goddess Swap!

Jodie, over at The Haby Goddess
is having a swap style event,
a christmas - red and white swap in fact - just in time for the festive season!
Just so happens I have a large stash of red and white
I'm playing along,
If you want to join in too,
Registration closes on 31st October
Now... off you go

and see you tomorrow

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26 - Game Set Match

Twilight Tennis started tonight

Very casual affair

Here's a happy snap of my team mates, Michelle and Louise
(sorry girls, but I can't take a pic of myself playing!)
We did'nt have a win - but we had fun :)

See you tomorrow for

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25 - Tight Arse Tuesday - Powder or Pills

What is in this special little ball and coloured powder?
What' so special about it?
Stay with me now

Here's the front of the choice's

So many choice's, do you want
super clean, super super clean, super super super clean
or super super super super clean?

Here is the ingredient tables

Now read the ingredients on this one...

Then this one...

Then this one...

 Then this one....
Am I the only one that can not see a significant difference? 

They all look so pretty lined up, but do they really do a better job?

This is the one I use, the no fuss powder,
I have tried the others, and did not find a difference,
sure, I have to use a scoop, but that's not an inconvenience.
Now, interestingly enough, this container does not have a table of ingredients,
so I emailed Reckitt Benckister to get a list,
Yes - I did have a bee in my bonnett!
I am no scientist, but the ingredients looked very similar
(I can't seem to copy the document onto here though)

And now, the breakdown.
Quantum 40 Tablets $26.99 = .67c per wash
Maxi 48 Tablets $26.99 = .56c per wash
All in 1 56 Tablets $26.99 = .48c per wash
Classic 30 Tablets $11.79 = .39c per wash
Finish Powder 3kg $16.99 = .20c per wash
(I got 82 washes from a container)

I don't like grocery shopping and come home
ranting and raving to the husband about
how companies are trying to rip us off!
Yes Dear....

Well Mr. Finish, I'm onto you!
You can't fool me.

Better the cash in my pocket than theirs
Have to save the pinch the penny's for the scooter :)
And, obviously, this is not a sponsored post :)
Edited: After reading th comments below - I now use the Aldi powder or tablets,
they are yet cheaper again and doing a lovely job.
Rant Over
See you tomorrow

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24 - Liesl's Throw

Back in August, my friend Liesl had an idea.
But she needed someone to put it all together for her.
It was her mums birthday and she wanted to make a quilt/throw for her.
Liesl bought a lovely wool waffle and a nice fine wool fabric for the back.

Liesl had relatives send her pictures, letters and quotes,
that they would like included on the throw.

The quote on this one says...
If your kids are giving you a headache,
follow the directions on the asprin bottle,
especially the part that say's,
"keep away from children" 

Then Liesl arranged the images using her computer,

then printed them onto fabric, then passed them onto me.

One relative sent a bag of buttons,
which we used to join the 2 layers together

She also sent fabric strips all pieced together,
which I made into binding

It's made to fold in half long ways,
and sit across the bottom of the bed
And here is the only (very bad) shot of the finished product.
I wish I had taken some nicer shots of it.

It's lovely that so many people contributed to Liesl's project,
it was such a personal gift.

See you all tomorrow

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23 - 201st Post Giveaway!

This Giveaway is now closed,
thanks to all those who entered
The winner was Catherine

I missed my 200th post yesterday!
Well, I mean, I did the post, but had forgotten about the 200th post,
To celebrate my 201st Post
I am having a little Giveaway!

Santa Sacks are starting to fly out of ZippyZippy HQ,
it's a busy time of the year for me

Santa Sack orders will close for 2011
on Friday 25th November

They are available in linen,

or denim

You can find them in
Or in my

So, The Giveaway,
I am going to be giving away one of my Santa Sacks,
personalised of course, 
plus a few other little secret squirell goodies.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post,
thats it, no hoops to jump through, nice and simple.
And if you don't have a blog and leave a comment,
please let me know your email address
so I can contact you if you are "the one"
You have one week, 
I will draw the winner 
10pm AEST Sunday 30th October 

See you tomorrow

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