Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30 - We Have A Winner!

Thanks for all the entry's in my Santa Sack Giveaway

I never tire of making these, sitting, stitching,
thinking about the children they are heading off to,
thinking, will the Santa Sack be placed on the
end of a bed, hanging from the mantle or under the tree.
We hang ours from the mantle.

Anyway, down to business.
I asked "Ozzie" if he could pick a winner.
(he would not put the wig on for a pic though) 
out of my giant T.G Green Cloverleaf tea cup.
He gave them a stir...

And another stir...

And pulled out Catherine's comment - Yippeee
I wonder if she is still up,
I know she is a bit like me and wanders around blogworld late at night,
hope she is.
Can you let me know if you would like denim or linen
and what name you would like on your Santa Sack Catherine
that would be great :)

See you all tomorrow


  1. Congrats to Catherine and good work Ozzie!

  2. Yeah:) Thank you so much Jacqueline for having such a generous giveaway, I feel very lucky to have been picked the winner. x


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