Tuesday, June 29, 2010

April Departures

I know it's almost July..... I'm a little late
"Hendrix" is an order for Louise here in Horsham

"Sonny" is for Louise too

"Armani" is an order for another local, Amy

This red and Aqua Bunting headed off to
Sarah in Perth WA

"Myah" was for Alison in Murtoa, Vic

This Blue and Green Bunting headed off
to busy and talented Victoria at

This Bug Bunting has a new home with
Kirstie at Moree, NSW

This Bunting is a custom order for
Melanie in Adelaide, SA

And another custom order for
Melanie in Adelaide, SA

School holidays here,

Friday, June 25, 2010

Party Weekend

It was party time a few weeks ago,
on the 5th, Third Born turned 4,
on the 6th, Second Born turned 6.

For the 4 year old party bags,
I put homemade biscuits, homemade playdough,
Sunflower seeds saved from last years flowers,
a giant paperclip, an animal badge
and some left over easter eggs.

The 2 older boys were a bit disapointed with the contents,
(ungrateful little urchins)
but the 4 year old party goers were happy enough!
I am not a fan of crappy party bag stuff,
but that night, I caved in and headed down to the supermarket
to get some crappy party bag stuff
for the next days 6 year old birthday party.
Do you have any ideas for non crappy party bags?

I made this party wreath to place on the door

No fancy cakes here,

They just get to choose the colour

A great couple of days was had by all

Happy Birthday Boys!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Treading On Egg Shells

We have been busy saving egg shells.

First we let them all dry out.

Then we stomp on them.

And then, we end up with all theses lovely little bits

Why do we do this?

Hopefully it will keep these little varmits away from
the seedlings in the spring.
You sprinkle the broken egg shells around the new plants,
the snails don't like crawling across them to get to their dinner.
If we start saving now, we should have plenty
in a few months time.
(You can also use sawdust, but thats not as much fun)

There is a great review of a childrens book
"Who grew my soup" at
where I have been playing along

Better go, have Stitch and bitch at my house tonight.
Jacqueline :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Balmoral, Casterton & Kelpie's

Yesterday, we went for a day trip down to Casterton for the
Annual Kelpie Muster.
My dad and his partner, Kaye, were there for the weekend,
over from Gippsland, 
so it was a good chance to catch up with them.

We stopped at Toolondo on the way,
the third born was suffering from motion sickness.
When I was growing up, my family used to have a ski boat,
we spent many weekends skiing and swimming here.

It has now been drying for many many years

(for those who went to Balmoral High,
the old part is behind in this pic)
The next motion sickness stop was Balmoral.
I spent my teenage years growing up here,
we stopped at the school to show the boys were mum went to high school.
The high school was a couple of kms out of town and now the
primary school has been moved there too.

It's a great facility, has changed so much since I was there,

They even have a lovely little vegie patch
and some chooks.

This is the Pub Corner in Balmoral, the town has barely changed.
I had not been through Balmoral for many many years,
it was a great spot to grow up,
a small rural supportive community.
Driving through bought back lots of memory's,
of growing up during those teenage years.
Over on the bowling green were a group having
a relaxing Sunday morning bowl, among them,
Neville Trotman who used to teach me at school.
A quick hello to "Trotty" and then on our way again.

Another motion sickness stop at Coleraine
(husband cleaned it up)

Next stop, beautiful Casterton.
There was a morning of "For Auction" Kelpies
demonstrations for the people looking to purchase a dog

Then in the afternoon, the Auction started,
big money was spent on these very talented working dogs.
They even reached the
1 Million Dollar Milestone yesterday,
since the Kelpie Auction started about 10 years ago

Here's the second born with my Dad, Ron
And Ron with his Kelpie, Aussie
And, Kaye's Kelpie, Ruby with the 3 boys
And we even spotted a celebrity!
Ben Dark from Getaway.
I'm a sucker for a country boy in a hat with a nice smile!

(The towns I have mentioned are in Western Victoria)
Hope you all had a great weekend

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do I need another project?

I've recently had the urge to knit....
This lovely is one of the last things I knitted -
back in the late 80's.
Yes, I still have it - but don't wear it.
It was not cool to be knitting back then
as a 20 year old
 (or no-one below 50 admitted they knitted anyway).
I did not mind, I did it anyway.
I did do other normal 20 year old stuff though-
some of it is a little hazy to recall ;)
Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had a day trip down to
Hamilton with my friend Simone.
We had a lovely day, looking around the shops and a nice lunch

We stumbled upon a lovely store/studio
at 73 Thompson Street.
which is full of beautiful hand knitted items,
patchwork, books and lots of inspiration.
Jackie was so helpful,
both Simone and I bought some wool,
had a lovely browse and chat.
I am knitting the red vest above in
Jo Sharp - Silkroad Aran Tweed.
I wanted a nice rustic looking vest, It will be pefect,
if I get it finished.

The vest was started the night we returned home,
I knitted at the indoor play centre and also
while out at the pub for tea with the family.
I've got the bug!
It seems I have a lot of UFO's
that I will get to one day
and of course there are constantly buntings on the go.
I also have some other things I want to attempt, like,

Better get knitting
Jacqueline :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pea's for the Pea Tent

The first lot of pea's we planted were
eaten by some pesky little varmits!

This time, Nathan has planted them in little pot's,
we will plant them out when they are big and strong.

These peas will be used for our
We are planning to grow a
Hopefully these one's don't get eaten :(

Jacqueline :)
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