Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Retreat Woodend

Have you heard about
I have, and it sounds like a lovely spot
to relax and do some stitching, chatting, eating and sipping.
Abbe from Copperpatch has done a fab job
creating this wonderful property.

I met Abbe a few years ago.
Our family took a drive
to visit Daylesford Organics,
we met up with Abbe and Bianca at

Anyway, Abbe is giving you the chance to win
a weekend at the retreat with your friends or family!
To see all the details
read this post
But the giveaway does close today,
only a few hours to go, so hop to it.

I can't wait to try
for myself!

All the best for your new business venture Abbe!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Grown Apples

About 3 years ago, we planted a little apple tree out the front,
and started to train it as an espallier to save space.
Our little tree is a miniture Pink Lady.

The first year it produced fruit,
but, the little apples all dropped to the ground.

Last season, more fruit came,
we covered it up to protect it from the birds

Everyone waited patiently for the fruit to grow...

then turn red ...

Finally in April they were ready to harvest - all 19 of them.
And they were the nicest apples anyone had ever tasted!

Do you harvest any fruit from your garden?

I think we need more apple tree's.
Have a great week

Monday, July 2, 2012

Give and Take Swap

My swap package arrives at ZippyZippy HQ

A while ago I signed up with lots of other people to participate
in a swap organised by
The Give and Take Swap.
It was a nice spin on a swap,
I did not have to make anything for my swap partner.
Instead, I had to purchase handmade from other sellers
to pass on to my swap partner.

Here's the goodies I recieved from Anna at Tillytom
Bird Brooch from Otekah
Chocolates from Mildura Chocolate Co.
Paper goodness from 3 Girls and a Goat
Magnets from Iszle
Hair Clips from Tillytom
Thanks Anna - it's a perfect package of goodies.

And this is what I sent out to my partner,
I purchased from Brenda at Red Stitch Designs.
Brenda wraps her goodies so beautifully

A cute house cushion inside

 love the fabrics she uses and the quality of her work is outstanding,

I also sent a brooch from local creator Tina Fitzgerald.

Some cards from Tracy Edgar Photografie

And here they are bundled up, ready to head off to my recipient,

A BIG THANKS to Ange for organising the swap!

Have a great day
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