Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24 - Liesl's Throw

Back in August, my friend Liesl had an idea.
But she needed someone to put it all together for her.
It was her mums birthday and she wanted to make a quilt/throw for her.
Liesl bought a lovely wool waffle and a nice fine wool fabric for the back.

Liesl had relatives send her pictures, letters and quotes,
that they would like included on the throw.

The quote on this one says...
If your kids are giving you a headache,
follow the directions on the asprin bottle,
especially the part that say's,
"keep away from children" 

Then Liesl arranged the images using her computer,

then printed them onto fabric, then passed them onto me.

One relative sent a bag of buttons,
which we used to join the 2 layers together

She also sent fabric strips all pieced together,
which I made into binding

It's made to fold in half long ways,
and sit across the bottom of the bed
And here is the only (very bad) shot of the finished product.
I wish I had taken some nicer shots of it.

It's lovely that so many people contributed to Liesl's project,
it was such a personal gift.

See you all tomorrow


  1. It makes me wish that I was Liesl's's magnificent!

  2. Aah jacqueline, this is fabulous.
    We talked about doing something like this for my mum but it has only been talk. I'm sending this link to my sister now to show how wonderful it could be!
    It is lovely!


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