Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 - Watch Your Kids!

This is not our pool
Today, I took the boy's down to the local aquatic centre for a swim.
There was about 15 other little people in the pool too.
Only 3 (including me) supervising grown ups were in the pool.

This is not my child and was not there today

I was amazed at how many "supervising" grown-ups were,
reading the paper, reading magazines, looking at their phone,
anything other than supervising their children.

This is not me

I'm not keen to get in sometimes, as I don't have a body like this!
But, our boy's are 5, 7 and almost 9,
and I could not contemplate not being in the water with them.
Firstly for SAFETY and secondly for FUN.
I am not in the water to keep an eye on other kids.
Drowning can happen in the blink of an eye.

In Canada - Biggest indoor pool in the world - how nice

Having said all that, I would rather poke a stick in my eye
than get them all showered and dressed after the swim.
Peter takes the boy's swimming most Sunday mornings,
and has the after swim routine finely tuned,
he's so good at it - I will leave him to it.

The whole swimming experience would be even nicer
if there was some of this at the local aquatic centre to look at!
But then, maybe I would not be supervising my boys either.

This is not me either

So hop in and have some fun :)
Hope you had a great Monday



  1. I feel exactly the same way. Not much of a fan of swimming these days but always am watching and in the pool with the girls. I go because they love it but I find it a bit stressful not sure why other adults find it so relaxing.

  2. Your pics made me smile!
    Had a stressful pool experience a couple of years ago when I had 3 that couldn't swim. I was in a friend's pool (at a party) with my 3 non-swimmers attached to me and 10 other children - some of whom could not swim either. I was the only parent in the pool. One Mum (who I didn't know) leaned over the fence and asked if I could keep an eye on her daughter too?!?! 1 pool, 2 hands, 4 little kids too much. My husband joined me in the pool.
    Pools are great but I agree with you.

  3. I would never leave the supervision of my children up to another person. My kids my responsibility, and I don't understand how other parents can think that if there is an adult in the pool near their child that their child is supervised!

  4. I've been in a potentially horrible situation where a child nearly drowned and the parents just assumed because there were adults around the pool they would be watching ALL of the kids. Not nice.

    By the way Peter's pretty hot!

  5. Hebe, made me smile, we took our kids to the pool a little while ago and apparently the rule is no kids under 8 without an adult IN the water with them. Very good idea!


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