Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Year Ago - Weekend Rewind

This weekend I thought I would join in with
Multiple Mum over at And Then there Were Four
doing a Weekend Rewind - letting an old post see the light of day again
This weeks theme is This Day Last Year (or thereabouts).

So I am linking up a post from this time last year,
where, we caught up with

who is now on a trip around the country,   
who has now had a little bub  
who now lives much closer.

What a lovely day out!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Book Week Dress Up - Harry The Dirty Dog

Last week was Book Week.
The Second Born had to dress up as a character from his favourite book.
He decided to go as "Harry The Dirty Dog",
as the grotty Harry.
I had strict instructions from him,
"Mrs **** says you can't spend any money on your costume"
A navy tee, navy track pants, navy beanie and some white scraps,
and we managed to pull it together from what we had on hand.

I almost forgot to add the very important tail!
During the day he was mistaken as a cow and a cat,
but that was OK.

He was happy, so I was happy,
so much so, that he is wearing it again today!

Have a great weekend
Jacqueline :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Nice Day To...

Today was a nice day to
look at the first signs of spring

Today was a nice day to
chat with your Dad while you wouk in the vegie patch

Today was a nice day to
Be a flower

Today was a nice day to
hang out with your family

Today was a nice day to
lay on the grass and look at the clouds

Today was a nice day to
laze in the hammock and read.

Our Sunday - hope yours was a nice one too


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warm Pics

I am freezing today, so I thought I would share some
images I captured at some nice warm Bonfires last spring

At a relatives farm, we cooked toast and had homemade jam.

The boys looking grown up, chatting around the fire.

This is one we passed down near Casterton

It was huge!

Happy little people sitting around the fire,
out at Bell Farm

Toasting marshmellows out at Bells Farm

Watching the fire being lit at a relatives farm
(the prep bear, Jack, was vising from school)

Have a great Thursday

Jacqueline :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pin Wheels In The Park - stage 1

Kerri at So Dearly Loved and Andrea at Knitty Bitties
are having a little quilt - along,
So, I thought I might join in.
The quilt is "Pinwheels In The Park"
by Rachel Measham-Pywell at Four Wise Monkeys.
If you want to join in, the tutorial is here.

Kerri and Andrea have set a (not too strict) time-line
(great, because I like a good schedule)
Aug 1-7 ~ cut fabric
Aug 8-14 ~ sew blocks
Aug 15-21 sew up quilt top
Aug 22-31 ~ quilt and bind

I think I can manage that, I am going for a xmas theme,
I sliced up all my fabric last night - so far I'm on track :)
I have also asked the girls from
stitch and bitch if they would like to join in,
I've had a couple, so I will post their progress too.
Blogless Judy is already sewing her blocks!

My blocks will look like this - if all goes to plan.

Have a great weekend

Jacqueline :)

PS - this fabric has also been made into other triangles,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In The Shop - Santa Sacks

ZippyZippy Santa Sacks are now listed

I have listed them early this year, after a crazy time last Xmas,
I sadly, had to turn people away, because I was inundated with orders.

They are available in Denim or Linen .....

can be personalised for your little cherubs ......

Orders will close for 2011 Santa Sacks on 25th November

I know it's only August......
I have been doing a little shopping myself ,
the plan is, come December,
when others are running around like crazy people at the shops,
I will have it all under control - time will tell.

Anyone else getting organised for Xmas yet?

Be Good

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