Sunday, January 12, 2014

Naracoorte Swimming Lake

Firstly - We Love This Place!
An hour and a half drive from us is the town of Naracoorte, just over the border in SA.

Last summer, on a stinking hot day, during a heat wave,
the boys and I could not stand to be cooped up inside with each other
for one more day - we needed to get out - desperately!
We decided on a day trip to the Naracoorte Caves, it would be nice and cool underground.
We asked Mrs Google about Naracoorte Swimming Pool, 
as we planned to pack a picnic lunch and check out their pool too.

An image came up of a beautiful lake, apparently, this was the town pool,
we expected mud, reeds, maybe a yabby nip on the toe and to look out for broken glass.
Boy - did we get a surprise

 This lake has a cement bottom, is chlorinated, the water is a lovely temperature,
it has a sandy beach, 2 pontoons, a safety fence,
lush green grass under shady gum tree's for picnics
Is right next to a caravan park, and walking distance to the CBD.

There is even a kiosk and clean change rooms.
AND ITS FREE - crazy I know
We loved our day there so much,
we packed up the next week too and took the husband over for a swim.

 About a week ago, I took the boys over for 3 nights.
We stayed in the caravan park with another family from here.
The caravan park is very well run, has a big new camp kitchen
(that has a bbq inside which is ridiculous
as it makes the lovely room fill with stinky bbq smoke and fumes),
 mini train rides, a basic mini golf a games room
and a great grassy area for a game of cricket
and its right next door to the lake,
 and the CBD is a 2 minute walk from the caravan park.
the weather was not as warm, but the kids did'nt care

It was not warm enough for me to go in this time,
very lucky to have a friend that went swimming with the boys each day :-)

We had a trip out to the Naracoorte Caves one morning

We flew the kite on the oval next door

We went on a 1 1/2 hour trail ride at Limestone Coast Horse Riding,
the boys really, really, really loved this activity,
(our groups seven years old did not ride)
the staff were great and very thorough in their pre ride lessons,
and the horses and equipment were in great condition
and looked to be very well looked after.
(I do know a thing or 2 about horses)
We will definitely be back

Last year when we went over on our day trips,
we spent the day at the pool, then had an early meal at the pub before driving home

This was the sunset as we were coming back into town
from one our our Naracoorte trips last year - a lovely way to end a great day

This is not a sponsored post for any of the above business's,
it's just going to be bloody hot this week in The Wimmera,
so wanted to share this great spot to spend a 40+ deg day!
Because, it seems not many locals know about it.
Let me know if you visit the lake this summer, might even see you there

Have a great week

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