Friday, March 16, 2012

Handmade Pizza Oven

My friend Michelle has a new oven.
Her hubby made this great Pizza Oven last year in their court yard.
He Googled and Youtubed and set to work.
Very clever indeed!
Still needs to put on some render,
but it has been getting lots of Pizza Action

And here it is in full swing,
cooking a sweet pizza, Nutella, Banana and Marshmallows
I think we need one too.
I'll add it to the list

I'm off to a local bloggers catch up :-)

Have a great day

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maybelle's Quilt

This is Maybelle, 11 year old daughter
On the 31st October last year, Maybelle was diagnosed with
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Bianca belongs to our Stitch and Bitch group,
even though she does not live here anymore,
she is still considered one of the girls.
So, one night in November, while stitching and bitching
we decided to make a quilt for Maybelle, together

First we met at Michelle's,
everyone bought along pinks and greens from their stash,
Louise bought her Drunkards Path template
and we started slicing and stitching

Next session was at Louise's house.
Here's Judy stitching away

And Louise, pressing seams

And here is Bianca and her 4 chickens,
I snaped this photo when I visited them up in Darwin last year.
While stitching away at this quilt,
we were busy chatting about Bianca's family and Maybelle's journey to date

Taking Shape

Another session, at Sandra's home this time,
pinning the quilt.
Next job was Michelle's, to make the binding

Then the quilt was passed on to me to machine quilt

Then I passed it back to Michelle and Sandra,
who took the quilt on a summer holiday to South Australia
with their families and started stitching on the binding,
then completed the binding back home.

Bron, who now lives in Melboune, sent up the label that she hand stitched,
Then I stitched it on...

And finally finished!
We were all very happy with the finished product
and each of us could easily have snaffled it for ourselves.
It was delivered to Maybelle a few weeks ago,
thanks to Granny Di the courier. 

I can not even begin to imagine what Maybelle and her family are going through,
the chemo, the hospital stays, the emotions, seperation from her friends and family.
But Maybelle is one Tough Cookie, very wise and mature for her young age.
Maybelle has a long road ahead,
but she is going to kick Leaukemia's Butt!

Bianca's cousin is participating in the 
Leukaemia Foundation
Worlds Graetest Shave

 Bianca's friend and children are also participating in the
Leukaemia Foundation 
Worlds Greatest Shave


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Roast Lamb in The Slow Cooker

A few years ago, a friend told be about cooking Roast Lamb in the slow cooker,
I am converted,
there is no mess,
in the heat of summer there is no need to have the oven on,
and it is soooo easy.
Just put your meat into the slow cooker,
place a couple of sprigs of Rosemary on top
turn on the slow cooker - thats it.
I put it on about 11:30am on high for a 6pm dinner or,
at  8am on low for a 6:00 dinner

I like to use Two Tooth (if you can find it) you may know it as Mutton
The meat is sooo tender
Everyone love's it
Happy Boy's means Happy Mum

I should really use my slow cooker for more meals.
Have you got a great slow cooker recipe to share?

Have a great weekend
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