Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29 - Why I Blog

 Well, day 29 and 29 posts for Blogtoberfest - did not think I would get this far!
A gold star for me!
So, time now for a blog post about the blog.
Why do I have a blog?
My blog is to show a little of what goes on
behind the scenes at ZippyZippy HQ.
To give my clients a little insite about who they are purchasing from,
and a record for myself as to what I have created.

It's a place where friends and family far away
can pop in and see what we have all been up to.
(don't think they do pop in much though,
or don't admit to it anyway - let me know if you are here!)

It's a place to record our growing family,
our adventures and of course, The Veggie Patch
my "blogworld" is a place where I can connect and be inspired by other 
modern sewists, handmade sellers, and other crafty types,
Through my blog, I have found that it is OK to find
being a mum a bit tricky some days,
I'm not the only one - there are others in the same situation.
It's a place where I can share my idea's and thoughts.
I have found wonderful recipes and tutorials,
and have even met some other blogger's in real life.

When I tell people I have a blog, I have some awkward reactions.
Some don't know what a blog is,
Some are surprised that I have anything to blog about,
Some are eager to look.
Either you get it or you don't, each to their own.

So, thats why I blog
Why do you blog?

See you tomorrow


  1. My bloggy reasons sound very similar to yours and I agree about the reactions - some people think I'm odd but maybe that has nothing to do with my blog .....

  2. I am so surprised with peoples reactions to my blog - strange. Totally agree though you either get it or you don't. I blog because I enjoy it and the community feel it can have plus its the only family record I really keep.


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