Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 17 - Nosy Neighbours - Oink!

We are The Nosy Neighbours.
Look at them, standing up on the compost,
looking into the neighbours yard, what has got their attention...

This little specimen has them peeking over the fence.
A 225kg pig called "Nitro".
He was delivered last night, the neighbours were expecting a piglet,
but he turned up instead.
So, they have spent most of the day trying to get him loaded onto a trailer,

but Nitro has been one cunning pig.
Apparently, he has spent his life in domestic bliss,
lazing on a couch and being pampered,
so, very used to getting his own way.

Tonight they had one more go of trying to coax him in,
only took about an hour and a half,
They tried everything but riding him in.

And here he is,
all ready to head off to the farm where he can roam freely
for the rest of his days!

Bet there won't be anything this exiting over our fence tomorrow night.
Won't stop them looking though.
Hope you've had a good day


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