Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today, It's All About The Colour

That's the one red pumpkin Mr Coles
(apologies if you have already seen this on FB or Instagram)
I saw this in the Spotlight catalogue,
I bought some today for a little project I have in mind...
See you tomorrow
Playing along with Blogtoberfest 2012

Remington Letter-Riter


I picked up this old treasure at the op shop last year for $5.
We get it out most school holidays
and everyone has a turn.
It's hours of entertainment for 3 boys,
they find it so fascinating, money well spent
See you tomorrow

Monday, October 22, 2012

December Departures 2011

As you can see, this is a catch-up post. I lost my blogging mojo this year.
I think it's back 
These were the last of the Santa sacks to head out of ZippyZippy HQ for 2011.
Santa sacks for Prue, Renne and Christie
3 Santa sacks for Marcelle

A Lemon Ava Bunting for Belinda
Buntings for Kassandra, Sonia, Tanya, Chantel and Donna
A name Garland for Sharee
 2 Santa Sacks for Debbie
Linen Chritmas Stockings for Christie and Heidi 
(I am not taking orders for these stocking at the moment)
And a denim Christmas Stocking for Heidi 
Hope your week started well,
see you tomorrow

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peek Over The Fence Project

Today, a plan was drawn and tools assembled.

Saftey Goggles and Ear Muffs attached to the head
It was a team effort
This is what they were creating, a bench to stand on when the boy's
want to talk to the lovely kids that live next door.
(I dont expect they will see any of these over this fence)
They have been balancing on their toes on the pipe that is attached to the fence,
it used to be an old watering system.
Sometimes they unbalance themselves
and there is tears and small fingers trying to hang onto the top of the iron,
I think this is a much better option.
Just have to watch out for splinters now.

And this boy returned from a sleepover this morning.
15 mins home and he had fallen asleep.
6 1/2 hours he slept for!
Something tells me this was not much of a SLEEP over,
hopefully he has caught up and not too fragile tomorrow.
Do you dred the "after sleepover day"?
Hope you had a great weekend

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boardwalk Empire

I am loving this show, its on Saturday nights, so I'm usually home

I love the characters
The sets are amazing, story is great and the acting is wonderful
If you are sick of all the crap on the teev - give it a go,
SBS on Saturday nights 9:30
Have you been watching it?
Whats you favourite program to watch at the moment?
As you can see, I now have computer access again,
so my Blogtoberfest campaign will continue

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

we've had a computer malfunction tonight,
so I have been pinning from my phone and suffering from pinebriation.
That is all
See you tomorrow
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This is a note I encouraged The Second Born to write a while ago.
A thankyou note after going to a party.
Did'nt take long.

Then a quick run across the road to the mail box to post it.

The last letter I recieved, was probably a few years ago,
it was from my grandmothers brother and his wife.
We met them back in the late 90's, when visiting Noosa.
We started writting to each other, it was lovely to recieve hand written mail. 

Do you write letters?
I should prompt the boys to write more letters, even just notes.
It really is a thing of the past, but so nice to recieve.


See you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest

Monday, October 8, 2012

Gumboot Garden

I don't think I have ever thrown out a pair of the boys gum boots.
They get passed from big boy, to middle boy, down to small boy.
Even when they get a split in the bottom, or the lining comes loose,
for some reason, they just stay in the shoe box on the verandah.

We have been busy preparing for a garage sale,
but I did not want the little boots sold, op shopped or tossed out.

Instead, during the holidays, I let the first born drill some holes in the bottom.

Then he filled them with some soil and compost

And planted some herbs and a few flowers.
So now we have a Boot Garden.

They make cute little plant pots,
there's still quite a few boots to be done,
he'll get to those another day.

See you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Santa Sack Orders Are Now Open

 Orders are now open for ZippyZippy Santa Sacks 

Available in Denim

All made by me - Jacqueline

Also available in Linen

ZippyZippy Santa Sacks can also be personalised

Orders for 2012 Santa Sacks will be closed Friday 30th Novermber

Santa Sacks can be ordered at
or email me direct at

See you tomorrow at Blogtoberfest


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Please Explain

I sneakily snapped this pic a few days ago.
Can anyone please explain this fashion statement?
Do your boy's wear their pants like this?
Maybe you are reading this and you wear your pants this way...
Is it comfortable to wear your pants like this?
Do you have to buy your pants a size smaller to wear them like this?
How do you actually keep them up?
Is there a secret code in the wearing of them a bit higher or lower?
At least the guy on the left has fun jocks on.
I don't wear my pants like this.
Will my boys wear their pants like this?
In the words of the delightful Mrs Brown...
I feckn hope not. 

Maybe I should have just asked
But I was too feckn chicken

Do you have any info on this trend?


see you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest

Friday, October 5, 2012

Nice Mail To Recieve

On Tuesday I recieved this lovely email from a client...

Hi Jacqueline - received your zippy zippy parcel today - you would not believe how excited I get to receive your wares!!! And today was no exception. I am sooooo pleased with my delivery.
Love, love, love Alex's Santa sack - think I might use it all year round not just at Christmas!!!!
And love the cushion cover as well - it really matches his room well - and so well made.
Love your work - so well made and your eye for colour and patterns is fantastic.
Having said that, you don't happen to made baby hanging mobiles at all????

PS - Thanks for the button book mark - it's those little touches that set you apart!!!


Back in February, I had a client, Christine request a custom made Bunting
in navy, natural and baby blue for her new bub.

Then Bub arrivednot long ago, and Christine asked if I could make a matching cushion?
Could it have piping?
So, I learnt how to make piping.

Then Christine thought it would be great to have a co-ordinating Santa Sack.
I really love this colour combination for a baby boy.

A big thanks to Christine for making my day - I love creating ZippyZippy products!
Keeps me sane in this house full of boys.


see you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Squeezed In Creative Time

There has been only a little bit of creating going on at
ZippyZippy HQ the last 2 weeks.
3 boys home on holidays.
The first husband has also been on holidays this week,
he's been put to work on a major declutter which is well overdue.
However - I did have a lovely young lady visit,
she is a very lucky 9 year old that now has her own sewing machine.
Her mum has not been feeling well,
so we got to work to make a couple of bookmarks for a cheery get well gift.
I sliced scraps, she sewed them together and I pressed seams.
Miss 9 was happy with her creations,
I was happy  to have some girly company and able to squeeze in some creative time.

see you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest
madeit by 1 minute!


Quiet Giant

This is a shot I capured at The Horsham Show today,
The eye of a beautiful Clydesdale.
Many years ago, I was very lucky to ride one regularly.
When I was younger, I spent some time living on Magnetic Island,
my job - which was hardly called work,
was to take tourists for horse rides,
through the rainforest and along the beach,
then take the tourists and their mounts into the water for a bareback swim.
The lodge had many horses, amongst them was Clyde,
a lovely gentle giant Clydesdale.
He was the favourite of all the staff,
he loved the water,
he was like a giant rocking horse when he was swimming

Here is the only pic I have of Clyde,
thats me riding him to round up the other horses in the morning
those were the days....

See you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Picnic at Mt. Arapiles

Today, we packed a Picnic and headed out to Mt. Arapiles.
We sat and ate our lunch at the camp ground,
seeing how many rock climbers we could spot on the mountain,
then walked to the base hand had a scramble around ourselves.

There's one up very very high, teetering on the edge

We saw a few of these, but gladly no snakes

We drove up the top and had stage 2 of lunch, while looking out over the Wimmera

There were lots of pictures of people taking pictures

We usually visit Mt Arapiles this time of year, to look at at the patchwork of crops from above,
this year there does not seem to be as much Canola planted though

Then a quick stop in Natimuk for an icypole on the way home 
and a wander around Mrs 5 Bent Needles hometown.

Twas not all beer and skittles though, on the way home,
2 tired boys were arguing, and the other was singing the National Anthem,
which I though was a Christmas Carol
my brain brain goes AWOL during school holidays.

See you tomorrow at Blogtoberfest

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