Sunday, January 9, 2011

November was Sew Busy Too

Plenty of goodies left ZippyZippy HQ during November.

Plenty of Santa Sacks started to head to new homes.

Betty Bernina had quite the workout.

My little store is currently closed,
tomorrow I deliver Betty to the sewing machine beauty parlor
where she will have a well deserved service.
She can sit and chat to the other machines,
have a bit of a bitch and gossip,
find out who has been on the shelf the longest,
who is not top model anymore and so on.

I think it will be lonely without her.
Hope you are enjoying the "holiday"
It's definately no holiday here with 3 boys to entertain ;)

Be Good


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catching Up With Old Friends

A while ago - last school holidays I think,
I was very lucky and had an old school friend Emma
and her daughters drop in to say hello.
They live in the beautiful Barossa Valley and because the internet
has made the world a much smaller place,
Emma and I have caught up online.

One daughter is a bit famous - she has been on the cover of
Barossa Living Magazine - how exiting for their family!
An article was written about some local kids that love to cook,
The kids shared recipe's, tips and cooking mishaps and
had a lovely time doing a photo shoot.

And, here's Emma and I.
We were great friends at school back in the 80's
we lived in a little place town, Balmoral.
We have hardly changed a bit ; )
I did look for an old photo of us, but no luck.
I hope it's not that long till we catch up again.
Thanks for visiting girls!

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