Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 - Wrapped

I have just finished wrapping the pressie's for The First Borns 9th birthday tomorrow.
Earlier tonight, I headed down to Kmart to get some wrapping paper.
The rolls of wrapping paper were
1.5m or 2m and were $4 or $5!
That is too much to pay for wrapping paper for kids, they don't care.
So.... I had a look at the Christmas paper,
I could get 7m for $1.50!
Then bought some brown paper too,
I love brown paper.
10m for $4 (shorter roll, though still a bargain)
so... presents are all wrapped,
but he won't be sure if it's Christmas tomorrow,
or his birthday.

And that folks - is a wrap :)
Made my Blogtoberfest post today by 1 min



  1. Happy Birthday to yours.
    I love brown paper too. Have been known to use christmas paper inside out on many a disorganised occasion!

  2. Some of my folks have had 'christmas wrap' birthdays this year too..and the brown paper thing! I usually use left over xmas wrap..then if I use it during the year they can have a new theme colour at Christmas time.

  3. Nice wrapping, shocking pun! I love brown paper too. Trevs have some very nice ribbon on wooden spools from Raine and Humble. $1 a metre. I tried to get the guy to sell me the spool, but no joy. Some lovely thick red and white twine as well.


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