Thursday, March 10, 2011

Natimuk Farmers Market Plus

Back in October and December,
I decided to set up shop at the
Natimuk Farmers Market Plus.

It's about 20 mins from Horsham,
the market is set up in the middle of town,
in a lovely setting next to the creek.
I had a great time and even sold lot's of stuff.

no idea why this keeps coming out sideways :/
I had the first born come along with me,

(have to share this - at the Oct market,
he only came out for a short while to help,
he has the gift of the gab, explained what all my
creations were, how much and how to use them.
One lady asked if she could take a business card,
he turned to me and asked how much I was
selling them for - they did not have a price!)

he set up beside me and was selling his "Worm Wee"
that he has collected from our worm farm.
He was thrilled to bits to have his own shop,
he sold lot's, but could not believe some people
did not know what it was for and how he go it.

A couple of Natimuk Girls were our neighbours,
Mel and Danora

Danora creates this amazing jewellery
from Nth Qld seed pods.

Mel had these stars made from metal, wire and buttons
as well as native flowers.

Our other neighbours were 2 clever Horsham girls,
Adelle and Sam

They had cool tee's, candles

and funky handmade toys,
as well as lots of other goodies.

The next Natimuk Farmers Market Plus
will be this Sunday, the 13th.
I will not be set up this time,
plan to for the future dates though,
but will pop out for a look.

Have a great day
and be good.



  1. I was hoping you would be set up out there. I am planning on taking a visit too. I love the Worm Wee, very entrepreneurial.

  2. Adorable! Looks like a little entrepeneur in the making!!!


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