Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20 - 10 Things About Me

 I was hoping to have 3 boys - had no urge for a girl - I hit the jackpot :)
I would much rather be surrounded by lego than barbies

I don't like Mango - won't even cut it up.

 I very rarely wear make-up and don't colour my hair

sorry, cant get this up the right way - me in darwin :)

I have a motor-cycle licence

And am going to have one of these one day

Maybe Santa will bring me one :)

I have never done the "foot shot" on my blog and probably never will

 I only have 1 immediate family member living in Australia

I did watch Big Brother, and will watch it again - much to the husbands disgust.

 I can not stand listening to people eat - slurping and chewing

 I make our own dog food for our cheeky Max

 I have a severe phobia of needles - my poor husband,
after 2 bouts of gestational diabetes and 2 cesarian's

Being a mum has not been easy for me,
it is a work in progress.

I was tagged by Angela over at
if you have not visited Angela, you are missing out on a great read.

My turn, I would like to know more about....
Julie at Narioka
Jenny at Ohjoh
You're tagged ladies, join in if you wish



  1. Be relieved, I will never serve you mango, I can't stand it either. I never touch the stuff. Go on, get a scooter, or better yet, a vespa one. Way cool! I am surprised by your mum comment. I just thought you are a natural born to be a mum person. You must be doing something right because your kids are terrific.

  2. I am glad there is at least one more grown up watcher of big brother. But I do love mango. My mum taught me they are best eaten in the bath. I am wary of any kind of melon. Watermelon, cantelope, honeydew, can't even touch them. I also agree about the being a mum...there are reasons my daughter is an only child!

  3. Maybe Santa will leave you his when he's finished with it..he wouldn't get to use it a lot at the North Pole! My Max dog has a coat very similar to your Max's..I have taken to calling him Mr Woolly..I think he needs a haircut too.

  4. Will you also be getting the Santa costume to go with the Vespa ???
    Thanks for the Tag - am putting my thinking cap on now.....

  5. Cute post. Will see how I go getting ten things together. My blogging is very erratic at the moment.

    I hate mango too and ride a motor bike around the farm but no licence. The Vespas are cute, we have an old postie bike.

  6. Apart from a few notable exceptions, we were obviously separated at birth. Even our dogs look twin-ish (and ours always scores a homespun fur-do too). Er, I'm not going to do the bloggy foot shot either.

    PS. Thank you for the tag!

  7. Well it seems we have even MORE in common! May we be Vespa riders together during a sunset not too far from now. And your number ten ... I so hear you x

  8. I'm with you on Number 7! If a drink's too hot....put it back down until you can drink it properly!

    I don't need to see/hear the food once it's passed your lips, so please close your gob and chew quietly.



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