Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 - A Snippet Of Me

I do like the clothes to hang orderly on the clothes line.
On occasion I have had people help me hang the washing out,
and I just get all jittery watching them hang things out of order.
Although.... I am not totally obsessed, as you can see,
the pegs can be any colour and no particular order :)

How do yours hang?

Hope you've had a nice weekend



  1. Oh my goodness.... I've never seen anything quite like that colour co-ordination!
    I never hang mine upside down either. One of those funny idiosyncracies I guess.

  2. It looks great hanging up orderly like that:) I'm a bit fussy with hanging washing too. All the underwear and socks are together and then clothes together. I have to confess I do like matching pegs. (lol)

  3. That's a lot of red & blue in your house! All depends on how much time I have how fussy I am.

  4. I always hang the undies to the centre of the clothesline and the rest to the outside. I am not fussed about colour coding though I do like the pegs to be the same kind!

  5. In my loungeroom cause the dog pulls it all off the line. If I have the change I love the dryers at the laundryman.... they are so quick and they ft so much in!

  6. I love your colour coordination, and if I had space outside I would probably be the same. For now I have to contend myself with an indoor airing stand (but like you I also prefer to hang things myself).

  7. Ha! Love it.
    I'm the same as Naturally Carol - smalls on the inside and bigger stuff on the outside. But I like to start at a point and work my way around. The Mr just plops stuff anywhere which does cause me to get jittery. I don't want to discourage him from helping so I try very hard to bite my tongue and not change anything - a real challenge!


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