Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Birthday

The birthday get together was 3 weeks ago now.
We had a BBQ at home with some friends and lots of kids.
I think the kids out numbered the grown ups,
but they were all beautifully behaved.
It was a very hot night, I bought a bucket of water pistols
and sidewalk chalk for them to decorate the driveway.
A couple of teenagers also attended, they did some
fantastic, creative grafitti on the drive.
A nice night was had by all.

Lisa made a lovely cake - thanks Lisa!

And, these are some of the lovelies that apperaed on the day,
thanks Peter & the boys, Ray & Lisa, Lyndal & Ross,
Simone & Andrew, and Jenni, Daniel & Chris,
I've been very spoilt.
Thanks to everyone for you thoughtful birthday greetings.
And thanks to about 20 kids for your perfect behaviour!

Jacqueline :)


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