Monday, September 26, 2011

Horsham Show

The Horsham Show has rolled around again.
It starts tomorrow and runs for 2 days and nights.
It has definately crept up on us this year,
the boys and I usually enter lot's of goodies, but this year - none.
So... I will show you what we enjoyed and entered last year

The boys decorated teddy bear and maree biscuits

There was dodgems and ducks



Ponies and Pigs

Here are all the entries from last year, and believe me, this is no easy feat.
lot's of preparation with the boys and last minute things the night before,
and don't get me started on the manic drop off of
entries on show morning at the ladies pavilion.
It's so frantic and the show ladies are a little bossy
and have "their way of doing things"
But it's all worth it, when the boys go through later in the day,
to see if they have any prize cards on their creations.
They get so exited to see all the entries,
and see some of the creations their friends have made.

I scored well last year too, but just quietly,
entries are fairly sparce in some of the grown up categories,

My results

And the boy's results.
The day after the show, we all go down and pick up our entries again.
The boys pick up their prize money and the ladies make such a fuss of them,
and they are so proud of themselves and so happy.
But sadly no entries this year, but we will be there.
You can't beat a good old fashioned show.

Do you enter goodies in your local show?

Jacqueline :)

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