Saturday, October 6, 2012

Please Explain

I sneakily snapped this pic a few days ago.
Can anyone please explain this fashion statement?
Do your boy's wear their pants like this?
Maybe you are reading this and you wear your pants this way...
Is it comfortable to wear your pants like this?
Do you have to buy your pants a size smaller to wear them like this?
How do you actually keep them up?
Is there a secret code in the wearing of them a bit higher or lower?
At least the guy on the left has fun jocks on.
I don't wear my pants like this.
Will my boys wear their pants like this?
In the words of the delightful Mrs Brown...
I feckn hope not. 

Maybe I should have just asked
But I was too feckn chicken

Do you have any info on this trend?


see you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hahahahahaha, that is tooo funny! But so true as well!

  3. I noticed a guy with this going on the other day, and he adjusted his pants very carefully so that they exposed just the 'right' amount of jocks. It took him quite sometime. And no doubt I was staring so I hope he didn't notice!!!

  4. Ha Ha this is hilarious, I would hope if my boys ever startd waring thir pants like these youth - a few well positioned grass seeds in the jocks - may make them pull up the pants quick smart

  5. I just thought it was a trend with young males but my American daughter in law says it started with homosexual males who made statements with their pants in this way to say they were available. I don't think any of those boys would know this or any of the origins of the trend except that they've seen it in rap videos.


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