Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peek Over The Fence Project

Today, a plan was drawn and tools assembled.

Saftey Goggles and Ear Muffs attached to the head
It was a team effort
This is what they were creating, a bench to stand on when the boy's
want to talk to the lovely kids that live next door.
(I dont expect they will see any of these over this fence)
They have been balancing on their toes on the pipe that is attached to the fence,
it used to be an old watering system.
Sometimes they unbalance themselves
and there is tears and small fingers trying to hang onto the top of the iron,
I think this is a much better option.
Just have to watch out for splinters now.

And this boy returned from a sleepover this morning.
15 mins home and he had fallen asleep.
6 1/2 hours he slept for!
Something tells me this was not much of a SLEEP over,
hopefully he has caught up and not too fragile tomorrow.
Do you dred the "after sleepover day"?
Hope you had a great weekend


  1. Awww, that's gorgeous! Obviously your neighbours don't mind! Great pics too, especially the 'helper' dog!

  2. Cute. We have a climbing frame pushed up to the fence... When we were kids 4 palings were removed from the fence so we could easily get to the neighbors side and they us.


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