Friday, October 5, 2012

Nice Mail To Recieve

On Tuesday I recieved this lovely email from a client...

Hi Jacqueline - received your zippy zippy parcel today - you would not believe how excited I get to receive your wares!!! And today was no exception. I am sooooo pleased with my delivery.
Love, love, love Alex's Santa sack - think I might use it all year round not just at Christmas!!!!
And love the cushion cover as well - it really matches his room well - and so well made.
Love your work - so well made and your eye for colour and patterns is fantastic.
Having said that, you don't happen to made baby hanging mobiles at all????

PS - Thanks for the button book mark - it's those little touches that set you apart!!!


Back in February, I had a client, Christine request a custom made Bunting
in navy, natural and baby blue for her new bub.

Then Bub arrivednot long ago, and Christine asked if I could make a matching cushion?
Could it have piping?
So, I learnt how to make piping.

Then Christine thought it would be great to have a co-ordinating Santa Sack.
I really love this colour combination for a baby boy.

A big thanks to Christine for making my day - I love creating ZippyZippy products!
Keeps me sane in this house full of boys.


see you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest


  1. Oh I bet that made your day!! How awesome to get such fantastic feedback!! and totally deserved, your work is gorgeous :)

  2. What a great feeling to have received such a beautiful email from such a happy customer, your work is just beautiful and so neat:) Love those colour combinations too.


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