Monday, October 8, 2012

Gumboot Garden

I don't think I have ever thrown out a pair of the boys gum boots.
They get passed from big boy, to middle boy, down to small boy.
Even when they get a split in the bottom, or the lining comes loose,
for some reason, they just stay in the shoe box on the verandah.

We have been busy preparing for a garage sale,
but I did not want the little boots sold, op shopped or tossed out.

Instead, during the holidays, I let the first born drill some holes in the bottom.

Then he filled them with some soil and compost

And planted some herbs and a few flowers.
So now we have a Boot Garden.

They make cute little plant pots,
there's still quite a few boots to be done,
he'll get to those another day.

See you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest

1 comment:

  1. Just gorgeous! I have seen them attached to wooden fences, gates etc too on different blogs. That's a good idea too as they won't tip over.


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