Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This is a note I encouraged The Second Born to write a while ago.
A thankyou note after going to a party.
Did'nt take long.

Then a quick run across the road to the mail box to post it.

The last letter I recieved, was probably a few years ago,
it was from my grandmothers brother and his wife.
We met them back in the late 90's, when visiting Noosa.
We started writting to each other, it was lovely to recieve hand written mail. 

Do you write letters?
I should prompt the boys to write more letters, even just notes.
It really is a thing of the past, but so nice to recieve.


See you tomorrow for Blogtoberfest


  1. Ohhhh! So excited you are encouraging your littlie to write letters.
    There's nothing nicer than receiving a special something in the mail. I never keep or reread emails but keep letters forever and occasionally reread them... they are just so precious!
    So glad you're joining us for Blogtoberfest12.
    Kat xx

  2. I love hand written letters - I always send thank you notes after the girls birthday parties. We have one family friend that never forgets a birthday - a card always arrives via post on the actual day such a lovely gesture.

  3. There really is nothing like a handwritten letter and yours is gorgeous with the bunting!

  4. If you like letters you might like to join the good mail club over at Mollysmaison. I've joined and am looking forward to it.


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