Thursday, October 29, 2009

Your Place & Mine - Bedside

My first thought when reading this theme was to dust and tidy,
But I resisted the temptation, if I did not move anything,
you would not see the dust anyway.
At least the bed is made, it's a funny thing with the bed,
if it's made, I feel in control of the day, strange I know.
Next to my bed is a pile of mags,
Homespun, Organic Gardener, Donna Hay &
Better Homes & Gardens.
When the boys create something special,
they rush to put it next to my bed,
a bit like “this will go straight to the pool room” ala The Castle.
There’s a torch for night time wake up’s

And some books for inspiration and
for keeping me on track as a mum.
Not too interesting, really.
To see more, Your Place & Mine, visit Pip

Jacqueline :)

1 comment:

  1. You should see mine! Embarrassingly messy. Great stack of books. A few I think I need to read (How to behave so your children do too because I am the biggest tanti chucker in the house) xox


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