Monday, October 19, 2009

My Place & Yours - On The Shelf

I have decided to play along with a meme over at
I am new to blogging,
if anyone can tell me what meme means or stands for,
 that would be great.
On my shelf is our collection of T.G. Green Cornishware.
I have always loved the blue and white,
 over the years we have collected lots of
different bits and pieces from all over the place.
One of my favourite pieces is the giant tea cup which was a gift,
another is a double ended egg cup that I scored at the
bargin price of $20 at an antique store in a little town.
One time, while visiting Adelaide,
 we found some pieces in the classifieds,
met the seller in a winery car park at McLarenvale and did the deal
inspecting the goods in his car boot!

We picked up this old dresser in an antique store in Hahndorf
in the Adelaide Hills (where I spent some of my childhood).
Its perfect to keep the collection in.

I much prefer the blue,
but we have picked up a few pieces of yellow along the way.
(it's actually more yellow in real life)
The mug on the right belonged to my Great Grandmother, Olga.
My Grandmother, Mary then had it,
took it along to the shearing shed in the basket
for smoko over many many years,
and now I have it, its amazing it still exists.
So, thats my shelf.

Jacqueline :)


  1. I love your blue shelf! It looks even fuller than I remember. Or is that just because the Easter eggs have finally been eaten lol xox

  2. Cant help with the meme sorry but love your collection. I hope you are keeping up the tradition and using the mug... so many stories on the lips that drank from the rim

  3. I love the story behind your cup it's very special when we find ourselves in the middle of a family tradition.


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