Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Seven years ago tonight, Peter & I were patiently
awaiting the arrival of our first born.
He's a pic of me two hours before he was born.
I was patient anyway - Peter was beside himself with anticipation
 as we had gone 12 days past that mythical thing
often refered to as "the due date".
 I loved being pregnant, but anxious to meet my first baby

 With no labour, 2 failed inducements , we were off to theatre,
a healthy 9 pound 3 baby boy finally arrived
to change our world forever.

Where have those years gone!

Happy 7th Birthday to Our Little Man!
We Love You!


  1. Lovely photos - Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Great pictures. Man he was big, no wonder he wasn't moving. Great to see you last week xox

  3. oh he is gorgeous! my little man was 16 days past that mythical date, and i also had no labour, a failed induction, a theatre visit, and a 10lb 4 baby, so i hear you! happy birthday beautiful boy!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! What a gorgeous boy

  5. Happy Birthday birthday boy.

  6. Great photo's. Happy birthday to your birthday boy.

  7. Awww what a great post...I have late babies too...2 at 11 days and 2 at 8 days...Love that mean due date they give you..

    Happy Birthday B-day boy!


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