Friday, October 2, 2009

Creating Future Husband

Well, the school holidays are almost over and
these holidays I have managed not to nail the boys to the roof - yet.
I'ts creche day today, so it's just been the first born and I.

First we made a list of all the jobs we wanted to get done today.
Things have got a little out of control around here over the holidays.
Time for a catch up.
He made all the beds, had a major toy tidy, organised the book shelf
and even cleaned the bathroom sink and toilet.


Its great to be able to see the floors again.
I have really enjoyed my Fridays with 1st born over the holidays.
I will miss him when school goes back next week.

I began this stitchery earlier in the year when we were up in Qld.
I used scraps from a friendship quilt I finished earlier in the year.
Yesterday I pinned on the binding, showed Peter last night,
he says, thats a big pot holder.
It's actually going to be a wall hanging
More husband training required.
And, in my "creating future husbands" manual,
I think I need to add a new chapter
"Appreciating the Wife's Creations"
Have a nice weekend

Jacqueline :)


  1. Hilarious! my husband would have said something like "It's pink", you need to add the chapter "Men Like to State the Obvious"

  2. Your son sure is going to be a great husband in the future if he can get through a list like that.

  3. lol! Definitely not a pot holder. Great work on the husband training, sure the wife's to be will appreciate it ;) xox


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