Friday, October 30, 2009

Bianca's Bouquet

This is a bunch of flowers from around our garden, taken yesterday.
It’s a bouquet for a special friend,
Now living up north,

She will be 30 on Friday.
I met Bianca about 3 years ago,
When I was finding being a mum a hard gig.

I began going to stitch & bitch (sewing group)
For some time out for me.
The first session I attended to was at Bianca’s house
I was made to feel very welcome and
Immediately felt at ease with her.

Bianca is such a lovely person, very honest and a good friend.
She has lots of great advice on parenting,
Creating and life in general.

Bianca tells it like it is – which I really admire in people.
She talks a lot and is a fantastic listener – not many can do that.

Bianca had 4 beautiful children and is a great mum and wife.
She’s had a home water birth – you’ve got to admire that!

She is a very talented creative person,
Has just opened a Madeit Shop this week and
Already had sales  check out her goods before she sells out!

Happy Birthday Bianca

Thanks for everything

Have a great weekend

Jacqueline :)


  1. Thanks Jacquie! Brought a tear to my eye :) Thank you for being such a gorgeous friend. You're the reason I'm am on madeit! You are such an inspiration to me. I hope one day I too will sit down and eat a fully home grown meal!
    The flowers are perfect :) Lots of love and kisses Bianca xoxox

  2. what a beautiful bouquet! Lucky you don't have to actually get them there... thank goodness for cyberspace. Happy birthday Bianca. Here's to sewing and birthdays!


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